Impending Reflections
Posted by WayneBRR on August 24 2019 09:44:27

Exclusive Pre-Release track promotion (8/26/19 – 10/1/19): 


Boston Rock Radio will be the only station Impending Reflections will release this track to until the official full release of the LP. During this time prior to full release, the station can exclusively play this track. It is anticipated that 5 other stations will have their own different dedicated track as part of a multi-station pre-release. No two stations will have the same exclusive track.


Impending Reflections would like to thank you in advance for taking part of this pre-release promotion. We appreciate your continued support and all that your station does for unsigned artists!


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Extended News

Brief Band Bio:

Impending Reflections (I.R.) is an all original rock band out of Providence, Rhode Island. Blending multi-generational influences with a seasoned and diverse writing style that catches the attention of listeners everywhere. Officially formed in late 2012, I.R. released its first full length in 2015 entitled Kindred in which a number of hit the charts across several radio stations, including two number 1 singles. The band has a very unique and rare quality...they consist of two fathers and their sons! Their journey started off as what they called a generation jam, but the chemistry quickly turned into writing original rock material.


I.R. has supported shows that included several top national acts including Bret Michaels, Ted Nugent, Lita Ford, LA Guns, Warrant, Trixter, Black Tide, Anvil, and Grammy nominee Shadows Fall.  They have also headlined several local shows and also supported such artists as Leaving Eden, Dead By Wednesday, Kobra Kai, The Bunny The Bear, Scare Don’t Fear, Outline in Color, Mad Kings, Pistol Shot Gypsy and many others.


Their second LP, State of Entropy, is scheduled for release Oct 2019. This body of work shows how the band has progressed and is hitting on all cylinders. The album is somewhat of a concept style approach and is broken out into two Acts. Creatively touching upon a number of sensitive topics, it tells a story that takes you down a path but ultimately is left to your interpretation. The band really took the time to make sure each song stands very strong on its’ own and as a complete body of work offers a diverse range of influences. The album cover is an original painting (canvas, not digital) by artist Sofia Nangle, who came to her own interpretation of the music vision by listening to all tracks prior to starting. The band gave her a blank canvas to work from and she nailed it!



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State of Entropy Digital booklet: