The OddEven 'Space Juice' Album Review by JD Rich
Posted by NinaBRR on June 14 2020 10:29:49

The OddEven

Space Juice

Harmony Row Entertainment

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Review by JD Rich

Boston Rock Radio


Greetings Earthlings! I come in peace with a message of music from the faraway world of...Baltimore. Introducing the alien-themed foursome collectively known as The OddEven. So sit back, relax (there will be no butt probes. Well, not this time), and pull up a bowl of Space Juice’, a 4-song compilation from The OddEven currently available on your Earthly digital platforms.​


The first thing that popped into my (somewhat) human mind was how eerily similar these guys sound to the Layne Staley days of Alice In Chains, but kicked up a notch or two. I listened to Space Juice four times in a row to make sure my cranial circuits weren’t defective, but I just could not shake that ghost. It was as if the spirit of Layne was working through singer Rob Wise. There’s even a song on the collection called “Again” but it is in no way, shape or form a cover. Harmonies, scale progressions, and octave ranges are very reminiscent of A.I.C., yet not a rip-off. Quite the opposite. Guitarist E.T. (no, really) cranks up the riffs with a little extra flair that fits right into modern Rock. Bassist Weed stays in lock-step with the groove adding his own special je ne sais quoi to the album’s engine. Drummer K. Flinn jettisons the punch even farther into the stratosphere.​


The OddEven's audio interpretation of rock is fresh but also warmly familiar at the same time. They convey the message of seeing through the illusions that are fed to us daily. We are encouraged to smarten up, cut through the crap, and don’t allow yourself to be a doormat. Stand up for what you believe in, just make sure you know what that is. I know reading those last few sentences appear aggressive and maybe hostile, but the music is so damn catchy it doesn’t come across that way when you listen. The OddEven rocks with a raw candor that evades so many over-commercialized bands these days. Space Juice is an all-too-brief cocktail that primes the pump for a (hopefully) longer ride with The OddEven. Until then, hop aboard and visit the fantastical world of OddEven. Just don’t forget your towel.


The new EP,​ Space Juice, arrived on Earth in late April 2020 and tour dates will follow throughout 2020 & 2021 when the world gets back to "normal."








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