Raider 'Guardian of The Fire' Album Review By Bill 'Furious' Groen
Posted by NinaBRR on March 02 2020 09:22:14


Guardian of The Fire


March 20, 2020

Review By Bill 'Furious' Groen, Contributing Writer

Boston Rock Radio


Hailing from Ontario, Canada. RAIDER are releasing the follow-up to their 2018 EP Urge to Kill with the March 20th, 2020 release of their new self-released album Guardian of The Fire.  The album starts right out of the gate with a massive aural assault on the earholes with the lead single from the album, called 'Bound By No Fate.' The song is a straight up assault on the aural receptors with its thrashy goodness, and nice guttural, growling vocal lines.

Does the assault stop after 'Bound By No Fate?'  Not even a little bit, this album is pure metal all the way through and just doesn't let up. The old school black, death, and thrash metal influences are all right there out in front. In 'No Sign of the Dawn' I definitely felt some Metallica '...And Justice For All' riffage going on.  The opening groove on 'Guardian of the Fire' will definitely hook you in, and you will stay for the tasty riffs and everything else the song offers.


Since forming in 2017 RAIDER have shared the stage with bands such as Exmortus, Venom Inc, and Cannabis Corpse, and played stages at metal festivals all across Ontario, including Kitchener Metalfest, no doubt leaving nothing but devastation in their path. The songs are great and riffs are super tight, and chug harder than any other little engine that could.


RAIDER are going to have a great career ahead of them, the production on this album is great with it being self-released. Everything is well mixed and the dynamics are great, everything sounds amazing.


Guardian of The Fire is a great album coming out in March 2020. This will be one to put on the stereo, crank the volume up to 11, and piss off the neighbors.


They may be from the icy tundra of Canada, but their riffs are straight fire, and warm my metal heart. Catch RAIDER out on tour in 2020 if you can, no doubt there are going to be some huge pits! 

Music Video - 'Bound By No Fate'