Fractal Universe 'Rhizomes Live' Album Review By Al Brzostowski
Posted by NinaBRR on January 21 2020 08:10:23

Fractal Universe

Rhizomes Live

Metal Blade Records

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Album Review By Al Brzostowski, Contributing Writer

Boston Rock Radio


Fractal Universe is progressive death metal with genre wall destruction at its finest.  Now, with that being said, their live reincarnation of last year’s Rhizomes of Insanity doesn’t change a thing. Rhizomes Live kills it, as a live album. Normally, I am not a fan of live albums, but this has to be one of the cleanest I’ve heard in a long time. Let’s dissect this a bit.

Recording live shows are tricky to say the least. The Fractal Universe sound engineers did an excellent job of paying respect to the fans with the intro. Thereafter, it was all about the music. It was a mirror image song to song with “Rhizomes of Insanity,” with the exception of the last track, which came off their 2016 EP Boundaries of Reality, “Tears of Misanthropy." The songs transition so well, you are transported to Le Gueulard in Nilvange, France, on April 19th, 2019, when Rhizomes Live was recorded during their album release show.

Vince Wilquin did a great job of minimizing the storytelling between songs on the recording, which allows the songs to melt into each other cleanly. I love when you can sit back and immerse yourself in an album like this, and this was my first time listening to Fractal Universe.

Overall, this live album is beautifully done. Anyone that loves progressive death metal…check them out. They recategorized the genres for sure.

See below for all upcoming tour dates!


Jan. 31 – Esch/Alzette (Luxembourg) – Kulturfabrik


w/ Obscura, God Dethroned, Thulcandra

Feb. 14 – Metz (France) – Haunting the Chapel

Feb. 15 – Zug (Switzerland) – Galvanik

Feb. 16 – Bologna (Italy) – Locomotiv

Feb. 17 – Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Orto Bar

Feb. 18 – Graz (Austria) – Explosiv

Feb. 19 – Tuzla (Bosnia-Herzegovina) – Palma

Feb. 20 – Sofia (Bulgaria) – Mixtape5

Feb. 21 – Bucharest (Romania) – Quantic Club

Feb. 22 – Belgrade (Serbia) – Dom Omladine

Feb. 23 – Budapest (Hungary) – Dürer-Kert

Feb. 24 – Bratislava (Slovakia) – Randal

Feb. 25 – Prague (Czech Rep.) – Futurum

Feb. 26 – Krakow (Poland) – Kwadrat

Feb. 27 – Warsaw (Poland) – Proxima

Feb. 28 – Riga (Latvia) – Melna Piektdiena

Feb. 29 – Tallinn (Estonia) – Tapper Club

Mar. 1 – Helsinki (Finland) – Tavastia

Mar. 3 – Stockholm (Sweden) – Klubben

Mar. 4 – Oslo (Norway) – John Dee

Mar. 5 – Aarhus (Denmark) – Voxhall

Mar. 6 – Essen (Germany) – Turock

Mar. 7 – Landshut (Germany) – Rocket Club


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