Spanish Castle Magick - Interview with Witchtower By Thomas Amoriello Jr.
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Spanish Castle Magick

Interview with Witchtower

By Thomas Amoriello Jr.

Boston Rock Radio


Hailing from Jaén, Spain with fast riffs, harmonized leads, and reverb soaked vocals that conjure the spirits of the 70's and very early 80's is Witchtower.  Essentially a project of Victor M. de la Chica who with a variety of studio and live lineups has created a loyal following in the European metal underground and pays homage to the NWOBHM with a modern vibe thus attracting a younger audience by releasing a variety of EP's, splits, and full lengths since 2013.  The latest offering from the Andalusian quartet is Witches' Domain, available from Unsilent Tombs Records (Germany) and Witchcraft Records (Spain) with artwork by Lena Richter.  Thank you to band leader Victor for sharing his thoughts for this exclusive interview with Boston Rock Radio.

 Check out Over the Top from Witches' Domain :


Please tell us about the latest release Witches' Domain?  How long did it take you to write and record?  Did you handle every aspect of the recording or was their input from other players?

V: Hi! At first thanks so much for this interview. I wrote the songs in 2018-2019. As usual, I recorded all instruments except the drums, but composed every drum beat and every note. 

Traditional metal had a good year from bands such as Vultures Vengeance (Italy) , Haunt (USA) , and Iron Kingdom (Canada).  It is safe to say that you are respectfully representing Spain in this resurgence?  Did you "find your way back to this style" from exploring other styles such as punk, thrash, or black metal genres in your younger days or have you remained true to a musical vision all along?

V: Well, I can't say that 100%, people have taken this decision. Humbly I think that traditional heavy metal is mostly represented by Iron Curtain, Hitten, Ciclón, Evil Killer, War Dogs, Redshark, Loanshark, Streamer, Frenzy and many more. But yes, we can stay with the same bunch of bands I think! We play heavy metal as you know, but we have other influences like black metal, doom, punk and hard rock. 

How often does the band rehearse and are there any shows or tours booked for 2020?

V: We aren't living in the same city, so we can't do a lot of rehearsals.  We usually do two per month together and the rest of time we rehearse at home.

What are a few of your memorable gigs and in what countries do you feel have been most receptive to the music of Witchtower?

V: It's obvious that some parts of Spain for us are very special, like the Basque country, Barcelona or Valencia, but we also have good memories from France and Germany! 

What musical gear do you use to achieve your guitar sound live and in the studio?

V: My gear is very basic. I use a classic Laney amp which is similar to a Marshall tone. I mix the distortion tone with some classic overdrive pedals like the Boss SD 1 or Ibanez Tubescreamer and effects pedals like Boss Digital Delay and MXR 90 phase. I have a Tokai I love rock, very similar to the Gibson Les Paul traditional, sunburst color, very beautiful and killer! 

Check out (ESP) Zugarramurdi from Witches' Domain: 

You are working with the label Witchcraft Records and your latest recording is a cassette release.  How did you forge a relationship with the label and are you a fan other bands on their rooster? 

V: Absolutely! We are so honored to work with Jonpe (Santurtzi), and I have a lot of stuff from him. I love Vulture's Vengeance for example. We work with a label from Germany too called Unsilent Tombs Records, which release our vinyl stuff. Raise a beer for them!



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