Weapons of Anew '2019 Tour Special ' EP Review by Ariana Leo
Posted by NinaBRR on January 07 2020 08:41:36

Weapons of Anew

2019 Tour Special EP

OK! GOOD Records

December 13th, 2019

EP Review by Ariana Leo, Photojournalist

Boston Rock Radio



Helping to revitalize the heavy rock/melodic metal genre with exactly the fresh, unique, aggressive sound you’d expect based on their name, New Jersey-based five-piece Weapons of Anew have released a chilling live EP from their 2019 summer tour. Mixed and mastered by Mike Ferretti, who has previously worked with iconic rock acts such as Sevendust and Breaking Benjamin, these five tracks carry such rawness and authenticity, you’ll feel as if you’re really there in the mosh pit listening to them.


The band’s set opens with the explosive “Killshot,” an up-tempo track that deals with pain and heartache (“You are like a gun / Show no mercy for me / Come on and take your shot / I would kill for you always”). Vocalist Ray West’s growls are strong, powerful, and perfectly timed, adding an extra layer of emotion to the song. Guitarist Freddy Ordine delivers an incredible solo during the bridge as well, hooking the audience right from the start. It’s clear from this live album--their complex yet accessible songs and the banter between them--that Weapons of Anew are the sort of band that makes an immediate priority of getting everyone pumped up and having the time of their lives. “Speed” is an aggressive track about--you guessed it--living fast (“I’ve been fighting back / All of the murder that’s in my head / Sometimes the line gets blurry / Caught in the middle of life and death”).


The EP closes with a beautiful acoustic rendition of “This Moment,” an honest track about battling depression the feeling of wanting to be saved from a dark place. Like the other tracks, “This Moment” features powerful and emotional lyrics (“Bring me to where you are / Someone stop the world so I can get off with you”).


To put it simply, this release from Weapons of Anew is one you’ll want to turn all the way up. Following the success of this live EP, the band will be starting off 2020 with a bang, opening for Metal Allegiance in mid-January at the House of Blues in Anaheim. They’ll primarily be playing songs from their last studio album, 2017’s The Collision of Love and Hate, many of which are featured on the live EP.


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