EXHALE 'Audio Dreams' Album Review By Christy Stites
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Audio Dreams


November 7, 2019

Album Review By Christy Stites

Boston Rock Radio


Exhale is:

Corey McLane - Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Songwriter

John Burns - Drums/Songwriter

Matt Vigeant - Bassist/Backing Vocals

Mike Fintonis - Lead Guitarist


Calling all rock n' roll grunge fanatics, the Mouth From The South has just the right musical recipe coming at you live from Boston, MA.  The Boston scene is on fire with the diversity of music coming from the underground and I'm adding the band Exhale to that list.  Picture this...It's 1995 and that Seattle sound was catching fire with that dark heavy sound that was replacing 80s hair bands. Gone was the big glam makeup, big hair, and the big arena rock that we grew to love, being replaced with flannel shirts, grunge boots and  unkempt long hair to hide their emotions.


Some musical influences for Exhale are, Breaking Benjamin, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Seether, Alice in Chains, Collective Soul, and Soul Asylum to name a few to give you an idea what to hear on this CD. I asked Corey McLane how the name Exhale came to be and his response was this, "We used to play with a lot of hardcore bands since that seemed to be what was mostly in the New England music scene back then, and often times they would purposely misspell the words in their band names, or they'd make up a word that's hard to read or say. I was always more partial to one word band names that were easy to say, easy to spell, and easy to remember like Metallica, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Sublime, etc.  My drummer at the time came up with 'Exhale' and we were basically like, 'Yup, that'll do just fine.' Plus, it's a word that comes up a lot in daily conversation, hopefully making people think of us whenever it does."  That's pretty smart thinking if you ask me.


Well let's get down to the nitty gritty of this grunge rock n' roll review and get this musical  journey started. The more I listen to Audio Dreams, I hear a lot of the old school grunge vibe mixed with Exhale's uniqueness and flair for writing and mixing it up.  Not in any particular order are a few songs that really stuck out to me. "Count the Days" intro with the guitar riffs setting the tone for the song, then Corey's melancholy voice kicks in and starts our lyrical journey.  This song definitely has that Linkin Park vibe like the song "What I've Done," then the drums kick in with the heavy guitar licks and it just works for this band.  "Always Alone" is probably my favorite because I feel that hard heavy grunge tone of Alice and Chains screaming at me.  One of the things I love about Corey's voice is the way he can get real soft and melancholy then throw that deep anger growl at the right moment of the song.  "Audio Dreams" is another good time, starting out real slow like an instrumental, then the bluesy guitar licks set in and you get lost in the melody.  When they wrote "Mourning Light" they were definitely channeling some Collective Soul in that tune.


This album is full of diversity of ol' good rock n' roll grunge that we know and love and Exhale has nailed it. The way they arranged the music to flow with the lyrics, guitars, bass, and drums is just the right blend of musicians who know how to get that perfect sound.  I highly suggest you check out Exhales Facebook page, YouTube, buy their CD, and spread the love for their music.


I leave you with a quote from the late great Scott Weiland. "Music, as many people have said, is the universal language. Of course points are made which make you think about things, but ultimately it makes you feel. And that's why people remember more songs that have meant something during their life than films. They start to define periods in your life, and that's kind of the beauty of it."  





1. Empathy

2. Helpless

3. Count The Days

4. Audio Dreams

5. Always Alone

6. One Step Away (BLISS)

7. Nefelibata (Prelude to Light) [feat. Laurel Marsh]

8. Mourning Light


10. Break or Bury

11. Demon Son

12. Excuses

13. Peace of Mind