Mudd Flux 'Light The Skies Electric' Album Review By John Sylvia
Posted by NinaBRR on December 19 2019 04:47:23

Mudd Flux

Light The Skies Electric

Sliptrick Records

Released: December 10, 2019

Album Review By John Sylvia

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Mudd Flux made this statement; “The title of the album Light The Skies Electric was chosen to personify the electrifying atmosphere of our live show and what our fans have come to expect each time they attend. Our thoughts when writing this album were never genre based, as we write in a style that best represents the intent of the lyrics and music. From the aggression of “Loadout” and “Carousel” to the sentimental “Cosmic I” and further beyond with the stoner-rock songs “Beneath Broad Sails” and “Beyond Our Horizon.” Each track evolves into the live show, bringing the fans closer to us and certainly out of the mundane music repetition they often endure.”


You will feel the weight of this one, it is heavy and doomy with a thunderous backbone. The vocals of Becky Scheufler are phenomenal and distinctive to say the least. The opener,“Loadout” and the closer, “Carousel” are smokers for sure and everything in between is equally amazing.


I don’t like to use other bands to describe the band that I am currently reviewing, but sometimes that’s the quickest and easiest route. That being said, tracks four and six, “Beyond Our Horizon’ and “Beneath Broad Sails” have a Black Sabbath-ish feel to them, yet they are most definitely unique. There is a multitude of influences that can be derived throughout this album. The fifth track, “Cosmic I” is hauntingly melancholy and it was easy for this writer to travel right along with it. Tracks include, 01. Loadout | 02. All I Am (Am I) | 03. Burn Me On | 04. Beyond Our Horizon | 05. Cosmic I | 06. Beneath Broad Sails | 07. Carousel.


This album is good from start to finish and will leave you, as it left me, wanting more. This one is certainly going on my personal playlist and I strongly suggest giving it a listen.


Mudd Flux is:

Becky Scheufler – Vocals | Jason Gautney – Guitar | Richard Young – Bass | Zachary Kuder – Drums


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"All I Am (Am I)" Video