Held Hostage 'EPIC' Album Review By: Christy Stites
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Held Hostage


January 17, 2020

Metal Mania Records/MVD

Album Review By: Christy Stites

Boston Rock Radio


Held Hostage is:

Tom Collier - Lead guitar / Vocals

Scott Gregg - Rhythm guitar / Backup vocals

Ian Evans - Drums

Joseph Reppert - Bass guitar / Backup vocals

Tim “Ripper” Owens.- Featured Lead Guest Vocalist


Come gather around because the mouth from the south has the latest metal review coming at you loud fast and hard.  Held Hostage are definitely old school because when the name Tim "The Ripper" Owen's is mentioned, his life story is one of the most ICONIC Rock-n-Roll movies in our time.  For those that aren't familiar with “The Ripper" let me give you a little insight about him.  As anyone who follows heavy metal knows, Rock Star is based on the true story of salesman-turned-heavy-metal-frontman Tim "Ripper" Owens, who was tapped to fill in as lead singer for Judas Priest when Rob Halford left the band.


Now that I have introduced the latest singer of Held Hostage, let me give you a quick history of this fun heavy hitting all star band that have been rocking the scene for 30 years. Held Hostage was founded by Lead Guitarist/Singer Tom Collier in 1984, followed by many changes through the years. Current, past members and guest artists include Tom Collier Founder/Lead Guitarist, Singer, Tim Ripper Owens Singer (Judas Priest, Dio Disciples, Yngwie Malmsteen), Joe Lynn Turner, Singer (Deep Purple, Rainbow), Carl Canedy, Drummer/Producer (The Rods, Canedy, St James), RIP Scott Columbus, Drummer (Manowar), Freddie Villano, Bass Guitarist (Quiet Riot, Dee Snider’s Widowmaker, American Mafia), Giorgio Mongelli, Bass Guitarist (Ethan Brosh), Scott Gregg, Held Hostage Rhythm Guitarist, Ian Evans, Drummer and Joseph Reppert, Bass Guitarist.  Told you there were some impressive names on this list.  Held Hostage was formed to help people get through their problems and they are huge advocates for our veterans. In 2018, the band released the single "Show Me The Way Back Home" featuring Joe Lynn Turner  (Rainbow/Deep Purple) that has landed them to the Grammy selection process and raised thousands of dollars to help veteran’s and charity events across the US.


Let's get this metal ride started with the first track called "Lightning” starting out like a Motorhead song would with that hard heavy in your face heavy bass and heavy guitar licks and through every song The Ripper takes us on a journey.  

"Tonight's The Night” is a classic 80s tribute to the great Bon Scott of AC/DC. The lyrics are catchy and funny with all the catchy hooks of Rippers voice sounding like Bon Scott. 

"Love Me Love You" has that Ted Nugent riff from "Stranglehold" that's just bleeds those bluesy licks that Uncle Ted is known for.  

"Hollywood" is a fun boogie woogie rock anthem about making it in Hollywood.  

"We'll Rock For You" is probably my favorite because I love how the guitar starts out all 80s fashion and gets your feet tapping and the horns up into the air.


Now that's just a few of the tunes that really stuck out to me but the whole CD is good and has a little something for everyone with the diversity of metal, rock, and hard rock all in one. Well that's a wrap for this weeks music review and I appreciate you taking the time to read it.  Here is a positive quote from Winston Churchill.  "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."


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Held Hostage - EPIC Track Listing

1.        Lightning

2.        Tonights the Nite (Dedicated to Bon Scott)

3.        Love me Love me

4.        Hollywood

5.        Turn the Light on

6.        I’m All Over You

7.        Hot Night in the City

8.        We’ll Rock or You

9.        Stand Back

10.       Rock –N- Roll Explosion

11.       Your Name

12.       Rockin the Nite Away