Downpresser 'The Long Goodbye' Album Review By John Sylvia
Posted by NinaBRR on December 04 2019 07:45:45


The Long Goodbye

Closed Casket Activities

December 27, 2019

Album Review By John Sylvia

Boston Rock Radio



In your face Hardcore, this ten track release rips all the way through. It’s a little harder than my personal preference, but I’m closely associated enough with this genre to know that this is good. As I listened, I kept expecting the pit to open up in my living room. I have many close friends that live for this type of Hardcore Metal and I feel safe in saying that they would thoroughly enjoy this album. If you’re into Hardcore Metal, or Metal of any kind, give this album a playthrough and see for yourself.

The only bio info that I was able to find about this band is that they formed in 2006, in Santa Barbara, CA. They have had some lineup changes since their inception and have put out several other releases.

Give The Long Goodbye a listen and you’ll be banging your head along from the first note of the title song until the final "Endgame."