Interview with NY Based Rock Band N.a.s.H By April Lane
Posted by NinaBRR on November 29 2019 07:02:18

Interview with NY Based Rock Band N.a.s.H

By April Lane

Boston Rock Radio


BRR: Who is N.a.s.H and how did you all come together?

N.a.s.H.: Hey! We are N.a.s.H. Say hello to Bryan, Dylan, Jim Bobbi and Joe.​

Jim Bobbi Nash: For ¾ of the band, we all met up by birth. Bryan and Joe are my older brothers.

Joe Nash: We knew we wanted to have a fourth member join the band, so we actually put up an ad on Craigslist.

Dylan Johnson: I was looking for another band to join and I found the ad and the rest is history!


BRR: Is the band name an acronym?​

Bryan Nash: What does N.a.s.H. stand for??? Why the dots? What's with the period marks?? It isn’t “Not A Shred of Hope” or anything even close to that. If you have aspirations to start a band, listen closely... BELIEVE in something. Have a goal. Stand for something and stick with it. N.a.s.H. is not an acronym.. it is what WE stand for... the individual. Our name gives us OUR identity. It is the first thing that describes us and it is the last thing.


BRR: As you listen to the music coming out today? Where does N.a.s.H. fit it?

Jim Bobbi: We aren’t too sure where we stand. It’s been said to us that we have been anything from Hard Rock to Alternative. I think we are somewhere in between that. We have a lot of different music influences, so we feel that each of our songs takes a little from here and there and we put it together to make our own sound.

Bryan Nash: We also don’t write to satisfy genre placement. We write what sounds good to us and that could be a hard heavy song, a punk song, a ballad, etc.


BRR: Talk to us about your current project?

Jim Bobbi: Our latest album is titled Incredible Villains. We are really trying to push the album. We put out two lyric videos this year and a few live performance videos. We are looking to get another one of those completed real soon.​

Dylan Johnson: Incredible Villains was written for the fans. We wanted to connect with them.

Bryan Nash: Our third album is still in the works. It is in the very beginning stages.


BRR: Who did you work with on production and recording?

Joe Nash: Incredible Villains was recorded at Gearbox Recording Studio in New Jersey. Ryan Ball was our producer.​

BRR: Playlisting is so important today along with good press. What are you doing to help develop both?

Jim Bobbi: Honestly, we are still trying to figure out the whole ‘playlisting’ thing. Anybody out there want to help us?

Joe Nash: We are trying to reach out to any avenue that will have us whether it be a local radio station, a podcast, an online magazine. We are down for it all. We want to reach the people.​

​BRR: What is the local scene like where you perform most often? Do the local bands get together and offer support?

Dylan Johnson: The local scene is rough by us. It is mostly all pay to play and we do it, because it is basically the only option out there. We just hope that we can find one new person that hasn’t heard us before or get one new person to buy a shirt or something. That makes those shows worth it.​

Joe Nash: More recently, we have played a few shows in Jersey with some bands that we have kept in contact with. We are hoping to book some shows with them in the future.


BRR: Dream line up for a tour? Name three bands. How about the ultimate festival... which one would you like to play on?

Bryan Nash: Ghost, Nirvana, Pearl Jam.

Dylan Johnson: Stone Sour, Avenged Sevenfold, Bayside.

Jim Bobbi Nash: New Found Glory, Queen, Metallica.

Joe Nash: Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown.


​BRR: What so far has been your favorite part of your musical journey and where are wanting to head next?

Jim Bobbi Nash: I think recording Incredible Villains has been my favorite so far. We put so much into that album. It was such a great experience for all four of us.​

Bryan Nash: We are looking forward to playing different, larger venues than we have in the past. Maybe expand our radius a bit.

Joe Nash:​  We played a show at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ for the first time and hat venue was major for us. It was such an accomplishment to be able to have a show there.​

Dylan Johnson: We just to keep moving forward. We want to push the album Incredible Villains and continue writing songs for our future third album.​

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