Quiet Riot 'Hollywood Cowboys' Album Review By Christy Stites
Posted by NinaBRR on November 22 2019 07:44:56

Quiet Riot

Hollywood Cowboys

Frontier Music

November 8th, 2019

Album Review By Christy Stites

Boston Rock Radio 


Band Members:

James Durbin-Vocals

Frankie Banali-Drums

Alex Gross-Guitarist

Chuck Wright-Bass


Calling all rock n roll metal minions, put those horns up high and let's go for a ride as the The Loudmouth has a new music review.  When I was asked a week ago, "Hey do you like Quiet Riot, and can you review their new album?" I sat there and read that twice to make sure I read it right.  Ummm, “Hello YESSS!” as I was jumping up in the air like a kid in a record store sniffing that new vinyl smell. Just kidding, I can't jump like that, but I do love Quiet Riot as I lived and breathed them since the age of 12.


Metal Health was my first metal album I bought with my hard earned babysitting money. Picture this, it was 1983 and we were slowly coming out of the disco, bell bottom blues, Michael Jackson era, and Studio 54 was coming to an end. (For you Millenials Google Studio 54)  Then it was like the rock gods saw how angry and pissed off at the world we were (Why were we that mad anyway? We were 12! What did we know?) and gave us this place called Sunset Strip. It was starting to catch fire with all these bands from California; Alice Cooper, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Motley Crue, Y&T, WASP, Night Ranger, Poison, Van Halen.  You name it, they were there playing it trying to get that first record deal. Quiet Riot broke that barrier and opened up the floodgates to sign. The Crue, Ratt, and many others that followed suit and the rest is history. Then we have what's called our Metal Brittish Invasion that came in and you mixed Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin Black Sabbath, Ozzy Judas Priest, Accept, Def Leppard with the Sunset Strip. It was full metal jacket for us teens who were lucky to grow up in the 80s rock era. MTV was getting huge by that time and that was our daily routine. We would get ready for school watching MTV and we couldn't wait till we got home to watch MTV.  Oh shoot where was I going with this?  Oh yeah, Quiet Riot has released 14 albums and some of those are just the average greatest hits compilations. Beginning with Quiet Riot (1977) and Quiet Riot II (1979) being sold only in Japan, it wasn't until 1983 when Quiet Riot hit the scene with Metal Health. That album is still one of the most iconic metal albums to be acknowledged in the top ten of all time.  For me that whole album was all about Frankie Banali and the speed of his drumming and those heavy driven guitar licks that QR is famous for. Kevin Dubrow's killer vocals were unique and raw and that's what I loved about that album, how raw and hard core it actually was. That's exactly what you get with Quiet Riots 14th album Hollywood Cowboys.


I've been a huge fan of James Durbin since his American Idol days and he knocked this one out of the ballpark. He's got some phenomenal pipes that really shine on this album. I mean he can belt out those high notes higher than Miljenko Matijev from Steelheart in my opinion.  I was hooked from beginning to end when I heard Hollywood Cowboys.  Frankie Banali didn't waste time when laying the drum tracks on this album as you will hear that hard heavy hitter we know and love. Of note, Banali is the only member of Quiet Riot to have recorded on every release.


A few songs that I particularly like are "Insanity," "Arrows and Angels," "Wild Horses," "Holding On," and "Roll On." "Roll On" is a bad ass bluesy tune that really shows Durbin’s bluesy side. You definitely hear some Stone Temple Pilots in the melody.  "Insanity" is definitely that speed metal sound that we love to hear from Frankie. The cover tune from The Rolling Stones "Wild Horses" is pretty catchy tune and so is "Arrows and Angels."  "Holding On" is our modern take on the 80s ballad about love and a broken heart.  In September of 2019, before the album saw the light of day, Jizzy Pearl replaced James Durbin, and is once again back as frontman.


Well, the rock n roll ride has come to an end and I hope you check out Quiet Riot’s new album Hollywood Cowboys and give them some love.  Raise those horns up high for the great Frankie Banali who is battling Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer.  We love you Frankie 🤘🤘🤘🤘.   Here is a funny quote I found and I think you will get a laugh from Uncle Lemmy.

“A kid once said to me “Do you get hangovers?” I said, “To get hangovers you have to stop drinking.” Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister of Motorhead - 2006



01. Don’t Call It Love

02. In the Blood

03. Heartbreak City

04. The Devil That You Know

05. Change or Die

06. Roll On

07. Insanity

08. Hellbender

09. Wild Horses

10. Holding On

11. Last Outcast

12. Arrows and Angels


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