Then Falls The Sky 'Set on Rising' Album Review By Christy Stites
Posted by NinaBRR on November 16 2019 08:14:53

Then Falls The Sky

Set on Rising

From the Depths of Entertainment

June 8, 2019

Album Review By Christy Stites

Boston Rock Radio


Band members:

Nick Barlage-Vocals

Chad McElwee-Guitar

Jake Smith-Guitar

Oney Michaels-Bass

Amanda McElwee-Drums


All aboard the crazy train because the mouth from the south has a new review for you to dig into.  You are in for a wild ride with this fun family oriented band based out of Bainbridge, Ohio. Then Falls the Sky comes at you hard and loud with some serious attitude in their lyrics about suicide and the daily struggles we all face  in today's society.  The more I listen to Then Falls the Sky I get an early 2000 emo vibe blended with a modern sound.  If  you mixed I Prevail along with Five Finger Death Punch, threw in some Zakk Wyld this is that band.


Nick Barlage strives to have his voice heard in a positive way and make a difference in today's world.  In 2018 they were awarded the IMEA award for their song “Synical” as the song was written to raise awareness about sucide.  I love how all six tracks are straight up in your face with the hard truth off their latest album Set On Rising. My favorite is probably "When Wolves Bleed."  We all know the sheep in wolves clothing is out to get to us but eventually they bleed just like us. That’s my take on it anyway. The band has a unique way of getting just the right ingredients for every song.  When Nick belts out in that hard screaming powerful voice he's making a statement, then he turns it around and gets mellow and somber to even it out.


The mouth from the south says that if you love a positive high driven band like Then Falls the Sky, go to their Facebook page, give it a like, and share their music. You can also hear them on Boston Rock Radio, so make sure to keep listening!  That's a wrap for today's music review and I leave you freaks and psychos on a positive note from Phil Anselmo. "You gotta look beyond the mainstream. The mainstream will drown you, you know?  There's always a pulse in the underground that I love. And the pulse in the underground is what keeps heavy metal alive"


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