Hellscream 'Hate Machine' Album Review By: Christy Stites
Posted by NinaBRR on November 11 2019 08:21:14


Hate Machine

Pure Steel Records

Released: July 26, 2019

By: Christy Stites

Boston Rock Radio


Calling all thrashers smashers and pit moshers. Buckle up psychos because this album isn’t for the weak hearted. This is the second album by Hellscream and it has all the elements that SCREAM full throttle, aggressive metal just like their first album Made Immortal (2014).  Hellscream is based out of California and the members are:

Guitar - David Garcia (Cage \ Three Tremors)

Vocals - Norman Skinner (Niviane \ Imagika \ Skinner)

Bass - Alex Pickard (Cage \ Three Tremors \ Monarch)

Guitar - Casey Trask (Cage \ Three Tremors \ Monarch)

Drums - Sean Elg (Cage \ Three Tremors \ Nihilist)


Loudmouths when you listen to it, all twelve tracks have that high powered, ear bleeding sound that all of you thrashers know and love.  From the first song “There Will Be Blood” to “Oubliette” which I love by the way, to the last tune “Generation Kill."  Without a doubt, I highly suggest checking out Hellscream and give them some musical love.


Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”. ― Plato.