Coyote Kid 'Skeleton Man' By Anthony Nicastro
Posted by NinaBRR on October 14 2019 04:22:27

Coyote Kid

Skeleton Man


Release Date: October 25, 2019

By Anthony Nicastro

Boston Rock Radio

The album, Skelton Manfrom the Minnesota cinematic rock band, Coyote Kid, shows off their various ambitions, layers and textures of dark themed topics wrapped around musical elements, consisting of orchestrated strings and brass (John Baumgartner) and drums (Kian Dziak). Their trifecta vocal combination of Austin Derry, Austin Wilder, and Cassandra Valentine gives the possibility of, well, endless possibilities. Their vocal styles seem to blend inspirations from Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan, Matt Shultz (Cage the Elephant), Florence Welch (Florence & The Machine), Coby Dodd (The Soup Bone Throne) just to name a few, and believe me, there are more. Right out of the gate, a Winston Churchill speech sets the tone and assures that this will not be a happy ride, but I was happy to join in their journey.

‘Femme Fatal’ with its supporting music video showcases their ability to have a happier sounding song, but that is where it ends, as the lyrics and imagery show the exact opposite.  This song showcases their ability to trade off vocal abilities with a talk back verse-chorus, which is rare, but very much welcomed.


‘Prowler’ is probably the most rock-based track and certainly has the most driving drums. The song feels as if I’m running through ‘A House of 1000 Corpses.


My personal favorite(s), I can’t decide, ‘Dark Science’ combing twisting, turning verses, with paraphrasing lyrics, “If these walls could talk, they would scream.” The steady drums have some nice accents and keeps the song flowing.  ‘Electric Lover’ is the most orchestrated track on the album and has an incredibly powerful chanting chorus, which follows and fades out the track.  


‘Vision in Black’ brings in sounds, as if it could on a western soundtrack.  I can picture Clint Eastwood walking down a desolate path.  This song sieges into ‘Destroyer of Worlds,’ which sounds like a continuation of the preceding track. I love the line, “It’s my first day on the job, but I want to look my best / I want to look the part.” 


‘Undertaker’ takes the vocals one step further with the lyrics literally being belted out, “You’d better pray.” The track leaves a lasting impression.


Closing track, ‘Skeleton Man’ opens with a soft acoustic strumming, coincided with low hymn and ends with a brass section.  It’s as much a greeting as it is an end. The person in the song and death greet each other as old friends. “No need to worry, now that my dreams are dead / no need to change your plans."  This is a very fitting finale with all instruments playing their role.


Coyote Kid will also be hosting a real life treasure hunt to find “The Golden Skull of the Skeleton Man." They have hidden a life size golden skull statue somewhere in the US. The first person to find it gets free shows for life (when applicable) and a merch bundle of all of their releases. To find the coordinates you’ll have to decipher the secret code hidden in the album. As soon as the album drops the hunt is on.




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