Pathogenic 'Pathogenic' Album Review By Allyson Kingsley
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September 13, 2019

Album Review By Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio

Pathogenic is:​

David Benites - Vocals

Anthony Simone - Drums​

Chris Gardino - Guitar​

Dan Leahy - Bass​

Justin Licht - Guitar


Pathogenic is a Boston-based metal band that formed in 2008. They have a delectable combination of progressive and death metal in a style that cannot be easily pigeonholed. That sounds like a common basic statement but seriously, Pathogenictheir sophomore full-length, is massively heavy. What Chris, Justin and Dan create with guitars and bass, respectively, is a tornado of unusual time signatures as intricate as the webs spun by spiders. I'm certainly no guitar virtuoso but you can palpate the coalescing of multiple elements across the metal spectrum.

Anthony's drum beats are in the classic death metal style and it intermingles beautifully with the guitar/bass patterns delivering a fantastic journey. Throughout the album  David's vocals are like a shimmering trembling curtain of some quicksilver-like liquid.

The track that struck me the most was "We Weep Only for Ourselves" and for me it is hard to find words to describe the feeling. It feels as though you are bottled up inside and all of a sudden you burst open in an unnerving manner, perhaps letting some pent up demon out.

"Suicide Itch" also proved its weight in brutality as it bursts out of the gate as if propelled by the very winds of hell and sporting a blast beat that any fan of the black/death metal realm will appreciate. As I have an ear to pick out drumming, I am pleasurably immersed in "The Danger in Well Crafted Words" and "King of Ignorance" with their simple crushing brutality.

Pathogenic certainly demonstrates a dominant display that is equally coherent and devastatingly whole.