Myth of Creation 'Trials' Album Review By Allyson Kingsley
Posted by NinaBRR on September 18 2019 09:25:51

Myth of Creation


Pavement Entertainment

Release:  September 27, 2019

Album Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


You're going to love this album if you are a fan of the modern sounds of metal that are pouring out from every land. Myth of Creation formed in 2013 and are from Colorado. They are set to release their debut album, Trials, and it is something to be heard. The album was produced by Scott Wilson (Tantric, Saving Abel) along with engineer Richard Easterling (Muse, Fuel, Train) at Sunshine Studios in Colorado. What stands out throughout the album is a variety of influences from all sorts of metal subgenres. Take a close listen and pick the songs apart and you will hear bits of everything from thrash to black metal.

Trials is indeed heavy and fueled by life experiences of which we can all relate to. I've always loved the quote "music is the only thing that understands me" and for almost all of us in the rock and metal family, it has never been more truthful. Take a listen to "Locked Inside" and tell me that none of you have ever been felt held hostage by some kind of "demon" inside you. "Hate Myself" is beautiful and haunting and so real it almost hurts. It has a strong Marilyn Manson influence and leaves you thinking. "Trapped in Hell" is fucking savage and when I got to know the words after multiple listens, I found myself screaming along while driving, which is hard to explain but rather than an angry feeling it was a release. "Final Words" is a phenomenal outro. It surprised me with a different beginning rhythm compared to the other tracks and the lyrics really hit home.

Trials is bloody fucking worthy and every song here dominates.



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