Academy Killer 'Lost in Make Believe' Album Review By Ariana Leo
Posted by NinaBRR on September 18 2019 08:38:17

Academy Killer

Lost in Make Believe

Awkward Kid Club Records

Release Date: September 20, 2019

Review by Ariana Leo, Photojournalist

Boston Rock Radio


Their record label may be called “Awkward Kid Club,” but Ontario-based genre-benders Academy Killer’s latest EP, Lost in Make Believe, just might have earned them a spot at the cool kids’ table. The album features seven energizing songs that are pretty much guaranteed to get you pumped up. Each one offers something unique, as the band seized the opportunity to explore a variety of stylistic elements.

Lost in Make Believe opens with an explosive pop-punk track, “The Distance,” which is characterized by catchy hooks and unique lyrics that tell a story of hope and positivity. Frontman Kevin Talbot’s vocals are bright and earnest, exuding raw passion. In “While I Drown,” the instrumentals are the focal point showing off the band’s tighter more technical side. Things slow down a bit near the middle of the EP with “It’s True,” the most emotional track on the album. Not to worry, though—Academy Killer pick the energy right back up with “Looks to Kill,” which gives major early-2000s vibes.

Overall, Lost in Make Believe is a refreshing, eclectic-yet-sensible album that promises to take Academy Killer to the next level. Keep an eye out, as it officially drops September 20th.