Blacktop Mojo 'Under the Sun' Album Review by Allyson Kingsley
Posted by NinaBRR on September 16 2019 08:28:54

Blacktop Mojo

Under the Sun

Cuhmon Records

Released: September 13, 2019

Album Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


This week we get another wonderful treat from Texas from Blacktop Mojo in their album, Under the Sun. The band are from Palestine, Texas and they've been kicking up some fuel with their vivid energy and southern tinged hard rock. Since their formation in 2012, they have been touring relentlessly and even performed in the 2018 Rock Fest. In a few short days, the gents will be touring with Buckcherry on the next leg of the Warpaint 2019 Tour.

We start with the heavy and driving force of "Lay it on Me" that is ripe with riffs from axemen Ryan and Chuck. We feel Blacktop Mojo's prevalent energy and dedicated passion with "Set it Free." It has a grungy Soundgarden type feel to it and an excellent build of intensity with Matt James vocals. "Come Get Your Coat" is a title that I would venture to think Johnny Cash would create, and indeed it has a hint of blues and a deep monolithic sound that is thoroughly smooth. "Can't Sleep" is their first single, as well as video, from the album and you who know me can gather why I love the video. Again Matt has entrancing smooth sexy vocals and I picked up more on Nathan's drumming interpolated with the bass skills of Matt Curtis.

Under the Sun is a phenomenal working that has its own potency and vigor. Looking forward to the Warpaint tour.



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