Teenender, The Stolen, Weathers Live Show Review Cafe 939, Boston, MA June 7th, 2019 By Ariana Leo
Posted by NinaBRR on June 14 2019 09:02:35

Teenender, The Stolen, Weathers

Live Show Review

Cafe 939, Boston, MA

June 7th, 2019

By Ariana Leo, Photojournalist

Boston Rock Radio


It was a bright, energetic evening of emotive, expressive, clever pop-rock at Berklee’s Cafe 939 last Friday night as up-and-coming acts The Stolen, Weathers, and Teenender took the stage. A clearly dedicated crowd of mostly very young fans gathered and sang their hearts out. 

Reluctant-but-accepting parents hung out at the booths in the back, sparking a wave of nostalgia in me for the days when that glorious “Yes, you can go!” was all I wanted to hear, and being there in that packed venue with people who shared my musical tastes convinced me I was about to experience the best night of my life. (AKA the days a parking spot in downtown Boston wasn’t a worry in my mind). 

Boston’s very own Teenender kicked things off, instantly grabbing the attention of the audience with their dance-pop feel, catchy melodies, and the stories told in their lyrics. Their 80’s and 90’s influences were evident not only in their music, but in their performance style as well, often dancing along themselves to their own irresistible beats. Despite only having emerged in the scene about four years ago, Teenender already boast an impressive discography, including two EPs and several singles. Their newest release, “Hooked,” made for an excellent show opener.



Next came The Stolen, a New Jersey-based four-piece, fresh off the release of their debut self-titled full-length album. From the very beginning of their set, it was impossible not to notice the incredible onstage chemistry these four musicians have, their close friendship and their pure love for making music together. From vocalist/guitarist Dom Cuce, guitarist Rob Chiarappa, and bassist Kevin Smart turning around to face drummer Mike Chiarappa for moments of all-out jamming, to the huge smiles they all wore while playing their instruments, The Stolen delivered a true feel-good performance, giving nothing but positive vibes to their audience. The band played catchy anthem after catchy anthem, establishing themselves as a must-have name on any summer playlist.



Finally, Weathers, clearly the most popular of the three acts, closed out the night, forming an undeniable bond with every single person in the crowd. If there’s one thing Cameron Boyer (vocals), Cameron Olsen (guitar),  Brennen Bates (bass), and Cole Carson (drums) have already mastered, it’s putting on a damn good showand, in Boyer’s case, doing so while hobbling on a broken ankle, badass frontman that he is.

Weathers’ set included all of the songs that helped put the indie-rock outfit on the map, including “Happy Pills,” which earned a spot on Billboard’s alternative charts in 2016. Boyer enlisted the help of the crowd for the contagious “La la la”s, holding out the mic and letting their eager voices fill the room.



All three bands brought their absolute A-game to the stage Friday night, starting the summer concert season off on just the right note. The Stolen’s self-titled album is now available for purchase and on all streaming platforms.