Joyous Wolf 'Place In Time' Review By: Chey Moniz
Posted by NinaBRR on May 23 2019 07:37:57

Joyous Wolf

Place In Time

Roadrunner Records

Out Now

Review By: Chey Moniz


Vocalist: Nick Reese

Guitarist: Blake Allard

Bassist: Greg Braccio

Drummer:Robert Sodaro


This is a well deserved, milestone filled year for Southern California rock band, Joyous Wolf. Years of profound passion have paid off with release of their debut EP, Place in Time, mid April of 2019, all whilst opening for Buckcherry on their North American Wet Paint Tour.


It all came about when (little did they know then) bassist, Greg Braccio, met guitarist, Blake Allard in a Guitar Center acoustics room. The charisma of jamming together for months after that first time did eventually spark an interest of forming a band. Soon to be, Joyous Wolf spent most of early 2014 exploring their vast rock and Delta Blues inspirations.


To this day, the group has portrayed an overwhelming abundance of spunk and energy. My favorite thing about this band is the welcoming fusion of classic rock elements into their own funky take on modern rock. Unlike a lot of bands, these guys aren’t reluctant to include songs with uplifting and zealous lyrical content. I went searching for the heaviest, and the grittiest of the tracks and “Mother Rebel” left me nothing to be desired, with it’s ass heavy intensity, and attitude packed guitar solo.


The experience of this album is definitely intended to be something to get you pumped up. I had high expectations for this album as I’ve heard more than the expected share of ravings from underground fans. I can agree, that they are most definitely a promising rock outfit and I’m anticipating the come up for this band.