Fallujah Interview By Alex Lindsay
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Fallujah Interview

April 19, 2019

By Alex Lindsay, Photojournalist

Boston Rock Radio


2019 has been a year of change with Bay Area rockers in Fallujah.

With a brand-new album, a new vocalist and a major role in the 2019 Chaos and Carnage Tour, the band had to maintain a plethora of expectations. Despite the major changes, the band still drives on with the same intensity and ferocity in their music ever since their formation in 2007.

Their latest album Undying Light which debuted in March 2019, features recent vocalist acquisition Antonio Palermo. Palermo, who has had a long history with the group, felt that the transition into the band was very seamless.

“Since I’ve known the Fallujah guys for a long time, it was just very natural to get back into it,” Palermo said, “We are all very creative people, so it’s just a matter of putting all of our heads together.”

Fallujah founder and guitarist Scott Carstairs concurred. According to him, he felt that the composition and the recording of the new record with Palmero felt like business as usual.

“For this record we all worked together with a pretty clear vision in mind,” Carstairs said, “When we finally finished it, it felt like a whole package.”

With the change in the lineup came the uncertainty from their fanbase regarding whether they would be greeted by a not-so-pleasant album. According to the band, when Undying Light surfaced, fan response was mixed but eventually warmed up over time.

“Ironically, we got the ‘Fallujah is dead comments,’” quipped Palermo.

However, Fallujah are far from dead. Their tour continues until the end of Spring, which upon completion they will return to the Bay Area to work on their next sound.

Hear the full audio interview HERE.