Roaring Truth 'Roaring Truth' EP Review by by O.M
Posted by NinaBRR on March 15 2019 06:43:33

Roaring Truth

Roaring Truth

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EP Review by by O.M., Contributing Writer

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This February, Dallas, Texas’ heavy metal band, Roaring Truth, released their self-titled EP, Roaring Truth. The six songs are packed roaringly (no pun intended) - filled with lyrics that hit in different places all around for everybody.

Roaring Truth opens with “Black Box,” written with a beginning climax that climbs to the ultimate excitement. A thrilling opener that attaches these musicians to you; enticing your ears to catch what more is to come. Tracks such as “Homesick” and “Flying Above It All” reflect the band’s beautiful melodies; ranging from a drum beat that has your heart keeping in rhythm with it to a gorgeous acoustic structure that will have you raising your pocket lighter, or phone flashlight, in a natural sway towards the sky. “I Remembered Today” carries on the acoustic elements forward and further, but picks up speed in a ‘lightweight’ feel sort of way. It is an excellent pick me up that one cannot help, but reach for that volume control, turn it up on full blast, roll down the windows, and drive into that sunset on that pretty stretch of open dirt road.

The final song, “Do As I Say” is one to have any listener headbanging along. A jammed packed four minutes that leaves an audience anxious to hit the replay button again and again just to feel those fist bumping guitar riffs flowing along with epic metal and rock vocals.

As an EP and as a band, Roaring Truth is an absolute headbanger from beginning to end. One cannot help, but be anxious for more to come after such a short taste.


Roaring Truth is: 
James Jones- Vocals 
Marty Hill- Guitar 
Dillon Moses- Guitar 
Jordan Greer- Bass 
James Michael McLester- Drums