Tel 'Lowlife' Album Review by Allyson Kingsley
Posted by NinaBRR on March 12 2019 06:52:52



Aural Records

March 29, 2019

Album Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


Tel formed in 2016 and hail from Virginia where they have acquired a decent following in the doom metal realm, a genre which I am developing quite a taste for. The musicians are Dante Duvall (vocalist), Michael Potts (guitarist), Ed Fierro (bassist), and Matt Grigsby (drummer) and they certainly wear their influences on their sleeves. Tel has a sound similar to a mix of KatatoniaYob, and Mastodon. Lowlife was recorded by Garrett Morris (Cough, Bat, Electric Wizard) and mastered by Dan Randall (Iron Reagan, Ghoul, Cannabis Corpse) of Mammoth Sound Recordings. 

I would liken Lowlife to releases by other 'emotional' doom bands like Novembers DoomSaturnus, My Dying Bride, and maybe even Mourning Beloveth.  Tel take influences from the more famous of the doom bands (who hasn't?), but they manage to convey their musical messages in a similar vein to bands that have been around a lot longer than they have and I am a fan of that. There's a real maturity about Tel's music that strikes a chord with me, especially as the themes are not just the average occult-based subject matter but are about some rough life experiences. “Submerged” and “Choke” are two such songs that touch base on the dark side of life that many traverse through. Nothing extraordinarily fancy here but most certainly a good addition to any doom connoisseur’s library.