The Glorious Rebellion 'Scholars of War' Album Review by Allyson Kingsley
Posted by NinaBRR on March 08 2019 11:44:53

The Glorious Rebellion

Scholars of War

Sludgelord Records

March 22, 2019

Album Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio 

The Glorious Rebellion is:

Bill Myers III: guitarist/ vocalist

CJ Orazi : bassist/ vocalist

Zack Mitchell: drummer


Hailing from Orlando, Florida The Glorious Rebellion formed in 2014 and have had a few previous EPs. They are described as noise rock and bloody hell, I don't know a damn thing about that genre. In which case, I put aside the genre thing and go full on with no expectations. These guys are goddamn heavy with a capital H. If I hadn't known better I would have aligned them with the NYC hardcore or Boston hardcore crowd.

Scholars of War is only a 3 song EP and left me wanting so much more. This is the shit you blast when you absolutely hate everyone and want to belt out the lyrics to a god that doesn't listen. “This is Fine” has meaty vocals, sludgy “messy” riffs and a live sound that is raw and visceral. “Turn Around Bright Eyes” is in your face and blistering, with hardcore styled vocals, distorted gritty riffs and a punk influence. You will feel the anger and vitriolic energy of “Burn It Down Lemon” with it's almost ritualistic chanting “Take a walk with the fire...Laugh at all of its jokes” except this is no Crowley inspired chanting. Rather it is serrated and abrasive, lets-fuck-shit-up pandemonium. Horns up for this gem.