Resonate Song Reviews
Posted by WayneBRR on May 30 2017 10:39:17



Hailing from Haverhill, MA, Resonate is:

Jake Packard - Vocals

Matt White - Lead Guitars

Mark McKellar - Rhythm Guitar

Matt Sheehan - Bass

Alex Wagner - Drums


Resonate what perfect name for a band that the music does just that. It resonates into your soul. The band dropped their first two songs in April 2017 and I have a feeling they are going to go places. Their first single, “Open Your Eyes”, off of the album, Discourse, is something everyone needs to hear. It is a life lesson, not just for the sad and tortured. For everyone. Hard hitting drums, with overlays of melodies that you can feel pull straight out of your heart. You know that aura thing from Donnie Darko… It’s like that. It ebbs and flows with the chorus and guitars.


I’m not entirely sure where this fits, in terms of genre. Now I’m going solely on two songs, but I will go as far as to say that Resonate is like a tiramisu. Deliciously layered with metal and rock tones from the guitars and drums, topped with vocals that groove like the frosting and hit your sweet tooth with the shaved chocolate toppers. Metal-rock-groove. Jake Packard (vocals) has a very familiar voice that sounds like home - intimate, a little gruff and melodious. Ever fall in instant band-love? Just one song, you’ll feel not only his emotions, but through the drums, guitars and bass, you get a musical package of feels. Uplifting, and not just with words.


“Shadowtrap” has some really incredible riffs and is full of melodies that swoop you up. The breakdowns are intense and the chorus captures you with a little bit of a break to the madness of the initial feel of the song, from breakdown to break. It throws you into something else for a minute, but meshes with the song so well. I don’t even know why you’re still reading this, seriously, go listen to it. *mic drop* Oh yeah, I went there. Find Resonate and let it resonate with you here: And be sure to check out their official page, it’s impressively done, cool scrolling features. I’m easily amused today, now go!  ResonateWithUs.Live 


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