THIRTY SILVER - Welcome Home Review
Posted by WayneBRR on May 24 2017 06:25:34


THIRTY SILVER - Welcome Home Review



Drew Smith - Guitars/Vocals

Joe Z - Drums


Thirty Silver is an incredible duo. You hear me? DU-O. These two guys make it sound like a full on 5 person band. Their upcoming album, to be released, June 30th is a punk-rock/metal must-have. The start of the album jumpstarts you, the middle brings you down with them, the latter gives you a nice middle ground to be on. You know, where most of us try to be on the daily. The Goldilocks album (Nobody’s ever used that term have they? Someone google that right quick for me.) It levels you out after getting you raged and then diving into your own deepness. It’s really a well put together blend of song forms from Judo chops to slower grooves and deeper vocal tones as heard in “Black Angel”.


Just today, (May 19, 2017) Thirty Silver dropped their first snippet from Welcome Home, “Hangman’s Joke”. An outcrying of sorts that can be akin to a depressive state or however YOU interpret. The melody throughout is one you can’t help but to feel in your soul, with some really nice song progressions. There are some almost grunge-y changeups that just fit so well in the album. Listen to “Christmasland”, you’ll hear it. Memorable lyrics, chords and solos for days, with some magical little bits of vocal switches, and tempo. Again… DU-O! Frickin’ amazed by this and you will be too!


Thirty Silver is already on rotation here at Boston Rock Radio. Search them up and listen to some of their older/current tunes before Welcome Home drops the end of June. For more, check ‘em out here: or on Facebook 


Thanks Drew and Joe! Keep it rockin’.


Peace, Love & Punk/Metal…. ;-)


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