We Are BulletHead -Music Review
Posted by WayneBRR on May 08 2017 10:00:36

WEB Greatist Hits Vol 2.jpg



Jeff Royds - Lead Vocals

George Moomjian - Drums

Rob Talieri - Lead Guitar

Glenn Selmi - Bass

Daryn Ostresh - Guitar


We Are Bullethead is an absolute must listen, there is something for everyone among their Greatest Hits Volume 2. Their songs are strong with bass and guitars with a sort of chill/melodic punk feel. One thing that always stands out is how well the songs are mixed when put together, the fun of the occasional background extras (no, I’m not going to spoil it for you), that are thrown in gives you a little more insight to the band as a whole. Love that.


Vocals… *deep breath*, here we go: I get an Alice in Chains vibe here with a slight more grit. Why do you need to know this? I’m going to spell it out for you. Relatable. Yes, that puts your listening ears at ease and helps you find a solace in the music. Everyone likes a familiar sound, yet this singer/songwriter is all originale. (Yeah, with the ‘e’ for emphasis and fanciness.)


Music as a whole is inviting and the lyrics are memorable after a single listen, since you’ll be singing the hooks by the end of the songs. Like I mentioned earlier, solid bass and lead guitars. Factor in a Blink 182-ish sound and this alternative/punk/rock band is really out for something special.


What I always find interesting when I listen to anything is what the band has listed as their singles, and then what I pick to be my favorites. Rarely the same, but here they are - “Can’t Stop the Pain”, “Don’t Make Me Beg”, seriously, hah, listen to that one and see if you don’t muster an evil grin yourself. Moving on to You and I which is kind of a wanten love song/ballad. I took a look at the time and said to myself, “Why. More than six minutes?” It was my first pick when listening, and I did not regret any of the six minutes. Some really pleasurable solos up in there. “Welcome to my Nightmare” and “Cornerstone” are equally cool and need to be rocked.


Now, go and spread the seeds of We Are Bullethead: https://www.facebook.com/wearebullethead/ https://www.bullethead.band/ Get it!


Peace, Love & Metal! <~~~They have a similar tag line -- Bonus points to who can tell me what it is!


Tammy Lyn Carbonetto

Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio