Corners of Sanctuary The Galloping Hordes Killer Metal Records August 10, 2018
Posted by WayneBRR on October 06 2018 12:37:50

Corners of Sanctuary

The Galloping Hordes

Killer Metal Records

August 10, 2018

Album Review By Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist Boston Rock Radio


Corners of Sanctuary formed in 2011 and originate from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The current lineup is Frankie Cross (vocals), James Pera (bassist), Mad T (drummer) and Mick Michael's (guitarist).  Since their 2012 debut album Breakout, Corners of Sanctuary have kept very busy with touring and writing some kickass music in the new wave of traditional heavy metal genre. They have been direct supports for Anvil, Stryper, Blood Feast, Grim Reaper, Bulletboys, Wrath, Britny Fox and Silvertung among many others. Rockwired Magazine awarded them artist of the month three times. Presently with legendary producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, WASP, Fates Warning) and signed under the Killer Metal Records label, they have released The Galloping Hordes.


This captures the absolute beauty of classic heavy metal with a modern edge. If you're a fan of Helloween or Overkill, this is a choice band to discover. The vocal work is impeccable and their is a definite “galloping” melody throughout. They crank out chunky old school style metal riffs and fire off exhilarating solos. With regard to intensity and speed, Corners of Sanctuary is a band that understands dynamics. I dig the fretwork on the title track “The Galloping Hordes” and “Hail, Hail”. A Lot of the songs almost fit into the war metal theme (look it up, hours of entertainment). Crass and yet noble, this album plants itself at the table of the heavy metal kings.