Satan Takes A Holiday “Aliens” - Album Review
Posted by WayneBRR on February 24 2017 13:17:44


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Satan Takes A Holiday “Aliens” - Album Review


Review by: Tammy Carbonetto, Music Journalist


Fred Burman – Guitars, vocals

Jonannes Lindsjöö – Bass

Danne McKenzie - Drums


Who is Satan Takes A Holiday? Here’s some snippets from their bio: “SATAN TAKES A HOLIDAY became the talk of the Swedish music scene in 2009 when they released their self-titled debut album and garnered a nomination for the Best Rock category at the Swedish P3 Guild Awards on the back of their singles “Missy” and “Heartbreaker” receiving an astonishing amount of airplay for a brand new band.” In reference to their album, Aliens, their bio goes on with saying, “Essentially an album that deals with alienation, anxiety and powerlessness - feeling out of place in contemporary culture, in social contexts as well as in oneself.” Their first single off of Aliens is “The Beat”.


Now you want the fun part yeah? While this album deals with some heavy feels, the music and lyrics are energetically delivered. Garage rock is definitely what this is, and it’s beats, punk-like melodies and high energy will get you moving while making you look inside and reflect upon your own inner demons… Oh snap now! Anyone else feeling the connection with the band name and the prior statement? Just me? Okay then. (I see what you did there, Satan Takes A Holiday, and I like it.) If there’s not a pit at one of their shows, you should get one started -- and I’d be amazed if there wasn’t one to begin with!


The most interesting part of the album is their ode to the Beatles, cover of, “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”. Side by side the original to the cover. Bravo, fellas. Very well done, they would be proud. It sticks mostly to the original, with their own flavor added and for me, when doing a cover song, that’s just how it’s got to be! The vocals though, my word. Even if you don’t *think* this is your type of thing. Hit up this cover, you might change your mind.


Hey, Satan Takes A Holiday… Are you coming to the USA any time? What a fun, rockin’ concert I’m imagining! Rock on! For more information on these guys, go here: 



Peace, Love & METAL -- Tammy