Hidden Danger – “Access Denied” – Album Review
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Hidden Danger – “Access Denied” – Album Review




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Hidden Danger is a Pennsylvania based heavy metal band led by prolific multi-instrumentalist Tony Cacciutti. He started playing drums at the age of 2, mastering the piano at 5 and guitar at 12. He wrote his first song at 14 and has been writing, recording and playing live ever since. Tony has shared the stage with many greats musicians including drummer “Johnny Dee” from “BRITNY FOX” and “DORO“, as well as played drums for “Yngwie Malmsteen” tribute band “Trial By Fire” with guitar virtuoso “Chris Gordon“. Tony is the consummate musician having played all the instruments and recorded all the tracks on all his albums so far. His latest album “Access Denied” is available now.  (Information provided from Biography in EPK.)


First, I'll paint you a mental picture. It's 8:30pm and my 9 year old is saying goodnight to me before he heads to bed just as I'm opening the link to listen. Hell Fire starts us off as a brilliant, kick-to-the-face speed metal. Shred! My 9 year old... starts headbanging! Parenting win. Favorites are definitely the instrumental pieces, we'll get there...


This album goes from speed metal to vibe-y. Listening to the album brings me to different places. Certainly rocking at a show! While the instrumental pieces have a Led Zeppelin/Pink Floyd feel. I imagine sitting at what would essentially be the most jammin' coffee shop ever with this playing in the background. (Unrelated note, I'm a pretty visual person, so I like to describe that way.)


You can not begin to know where the album is going, because each piece is different; beats, feels, vibes, tempo and tempo changes. Definitely more instrumental pieces than music and lyrics, but I dig it. The instrumentals allow you to feel the music, make it yours and creates a more special place in your head for it. Plus, we're all supposed to be smarter by listening to classical music and that's only instrumental... right? There. I've made us all a little more intelligent! Boom. Go listen!


For more information check it here: https://www.facebook.com/HiddenDangerMusic/


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