Johnny Nocash 'CH 1' EP Review By Nina McCarthy
Posted by NinaBRR on August 11 2021 10:53:37

Johnny Nocash

CH 1


July 16, 2021

EP Review By Nina McCarthy

Boston Rock Radio



Put on some shit kickers, grab your cheap darts (aka cigarettes), some whisky, Molson, and an acoustic guitar and follow me. We are headed up north to Toronto to have some dusty fun in the barren lands with Johnny Nocash. Johnny Nocash is considered “death country” by genre but better described as a fusion of Country Rock, Hard Rock, Celtic, and Folk, all steeped in whiskey and beer to create an original sound that will appeal to a variety of listeners. I was blown away with my first partaking back in 2020 when I heard the single “Burned Alive” which was done with a full band (The Celtic Outlaws). Watch the video HERE. That one song took me on a journey back through this Canuck's discography and I’ve been following and begging Johnny for some new music ever since, and he has finally delivered. Don't be distracted by the label of "death country" because everything doesn't need to be catororized and labeled under a microscope. If it wasn't good rock n' roll then I wouldn't be sharing it with you.

Johnny Nocash began his career as a solo artist back in the early 2000’s playing acoustic punk, which in turn has evolved into what he brings us today. I think his unparagoned voice is one you will instantly love or not. I was drawn to the gruffness of Nocash’s vocals, making everything about them sexy and inviting. On a side note, my mom agreed that there was something undeniably sexy about this man! Last month Nocash brought us his first solo EP in four years, called CH 1. Let’s gather around the campfire and discuss it.

The album opens with some sanquie guitar strumming with “Rely on the Greed” getting right into the dark personal gritty lyrics. Perhaps before you take a listen I should have cautioned you to the explicit content. If you’re easily offended by the "F" work, then this EP is not for you.  Songs are meaningful, yet concise; they make the point, and move on without needless deviation. ”Separate Ways” (no, not a Journey cover!) is my choice track and a perfect example. It actually makes me feel like I’m at a small bar in Ireland drinking a pint of Dublin Blonde with the locals. Before you know it, you’ll blow through all 14 minutes of this 5 track album and think, “That’s it?” If you’ve been following Nocash’s solo career, no doubt you’d agree with me that this is his most solid solo offering to date.

If you’ve never heard of Johnny Nocash, I suggest you check him out for yourself.  This EP doesn’t have the full hard-driving blend of country and rock and roll that Johnny Nocash & The Celtic Outlaws bring as a full band. However, if you just love to listen to the strong vocal bringings of Nocash or are a fan of some good ol’ dirty acoustic songs that are perfect for those beer drinking nights around the campfire, then wait no longer. Now pass another beer, nize it, and let’s have a sing-a-long while we await CH 2, Eh?


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