Buckcherry 'Hellbound' Album Review By Ian Bellows
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June 25, 2021

Album Review By Ian Bellows

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Buckcherry is an iconic band in the rock/metal world based out of Anaheim, California.  They formed in 1995 and were extremely popular on the LA club scene originally with the band name Sparrow. According to Josh Todd, the band received a cease-and-desist order as the name was already used by someone else.  I found it interesting that in my research, I found two stories on how the band became Buckcherry.  The first origin is that the name came from a drag queen who constantly attended their shows.  The other origin is that their band name is a word play on Chuck Berry, which moving some key letters around creates BuckCherry. They recorded their first album Buckcherry, which was released in 1999, and featured the hit “Lit Up." Through the years they have had several albums and some turnover within the band, but there is one constant, singer Josh Todd.  His distinct singing voice and the energy he injects into the songs make him the face and sound of the band.

Hellbound is their first release since 2019’s Warpaint and is their 9th studio album.  I was only familiar with Buckcherry’s party anthem songs such as “Crazy Bitch” and “Lit Up” before listening to this album.  I guess that gave me a pretty clean slate to write this review.  Let us take a journey through Hellbound.

The first song is “54321” which gets the album kicked off in a countdown to the 80’s metal experience we will see throughout the disc.  The song comes across as a Faster Pussycat/LA Guns type of sound and sets the tone for the album which is a fun-filled journey/celebration of 80’s style rock/metal.  This is the anthem type song in the same level as "Lit Up'' and one to sure get the crowds jumping up and down at their live shows.

“So Hott” is the 2nd song on the disc and the first released single.  It comes across as groovier than rock. The guitar solos midway through pick up the song to make it a decent first single.

The title track, "Hellbound," immediately has an AC/DC feel.  One of the best songs on the album and made me want to instantly sing along to the chorus.  If this isn’t on their set list, I will definitely be surprised.  You can sense the Angus Young influence on the guitars and song structure with a Buckcherry spin on it.

Song #4 is the more subdued song “Gun."  With its catchy lyrics, including “Something to prove,” it feels as if Buckcherry wants to prove something with this album to the critics, fans, and maybe themselves.

311 influence is all over the guitars/bass on the more serious "No More Lies."  This song continues the trend of a more serious tone to the song/lyrics.  The last two songs leave the party that was started on "54321."

Buckcherry bring the party back on the fist pumping energetic “Here I Come." This is the type of song I expected to hear based on their previous singles that I am familiar with.  “Here I Come” is one of the better songs on the album with in-your-face lyrics and it literally ends in a bang!

Their Guns N Roses influence shines through on “Junk." It is a more serious song with some great guitar work.  I can see this as another song they could add to a live setlist.

Continuing the more serious storytelling trend is the song “Wasting No More Time."  This is the type of song that will have fans waving their arms back and forth in the clubs/arenas.  One of the better songs on the album even though it doesn’t set that party mood.

Josh’s vocal range shines through on “The Way."  Buckcherry introduce piano to the disc in this song.  "The Way" is a pure ballad and you can sense he is singing directly to someone.  The guitar solos bring a Buckcherry signature feel to the song.

“Barricade” is the final song on the album.  It feels as though Josh wants to get something off his chest when he sings lyrics like “breaking right through the barricade."

The guitar solos are all excellent and Josh Todd’s singing is on point.  Hellbound is a journey through some fun party type songs to some more serious songs.  If you are looking for songs like “Crazy Bitch,” “Lit Up” or “Say F*ck It” here are only a couple of songs on the album like those, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Buckcherry has a great blend of party anthems and more subdued, but yet rock songs.  The album has what you come to expect from Buckcherry, excellent vocals, amazing guitar riffs/solos, and solid bass/drums.  Their major influences AC/DC and Guns N Roses shine through in their latest effort.  If you are a fan of Buckcherry, I think you will be excited for Hellbound.  Fans not familiar with Buckcherry will definitely enjoy this disc as well.

As this review is being written, Buckcherry announced they have joined up with the guitar string jewelry company Strüng who are fundraising for music education by selling guitar string art. Strings from the band will be crafted into limited edition one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces.  Check out Hellbound as well as their fund-raising collaboration with Strüng.  You can also catch Buckcherry out on tour now in support of HellBound.





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