Ambassador 'Care Vale' Album Review By JD Rich
Posted by NinaBRR on September 22 2020 05:03:51


Care Vale


Released: September 18, 2020

Album Review By JD Rich

Boston Rock Radio



Not all Rock is fast, loud, hard, and riffy. Some Rock is a little more deliberate in slowing down, basking in the moment, surging on a more complex wavelength. Such is the case with Baton Rouge quartet Ambassador. They take a more meaningful path, meeting at the crossroads of Goth Lane and Avant-Garde Metal Avenue. Their new album, Care Vale, features material heavy in a sensuality, but not crass or threatening. A long time ago, I mentioned that I often feel the music, then try to describe what was bubbling beneath the surface.​  There are instances when a specific scenario plays out, like a story being told as I listen to an album. That’s exactly what happened while I was writing this Care Vale review.​


I found myself in a strange land on a dark misty night, with only the rich voice of Gabe Vicknair beckoning from within the shadows. There’s something potentially dangerous lurking in those shadows, but also something else that eschews fear of the unknown, a magnetism emanating from a mysterious source. I’m drawn to the source, unable to resist, wanting to be a part of that world. Guitarists Jason Ourso and Dustin Borne pull me further into Ambassador’s orbit like a pair of sly pied pipers. I am mesmerized as I draw closer to the ominous shadows. Drummer Ean Savoy sets the pace during my approach, steady and forceful without being brash or pushy. I can feel the music pulsing in my veins, dictated by the varying tempos Savoy commands. I want to see who or what is in the shadows, but​ Ambassador won’t reveal any secrets. I move closer. The voice from the shadows reveals a deeper truth that is felt on a cellular level,​  All the while, I am escorted by music shrouded in secrecy, yet feels like a warm cloak that keeps the chill and damp air away. It is then that I reach the shadows, only to realize Care Vale has ended and I’m back in reality with eerie silence.​


Ambassador took me into a new realm with polished sounds, perfectly thought out arrangements, and music that will stand the test of time. This isn’t the kind of stuff that will make you throw horns up, or want to jump out of your seat. They have a certain subtlety that resonates deep. The question remains: what story will Care Vale unfold for you? Find your answer now.



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