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Articles Home » Music Talk » Interview With Sonic X By Nina McCarthy
Interview With Sonic X By Nina McCarthy

Fly Around The World

Interview With Sonic X

By Nina McCarthy

Boston Rock Radio

Sonic X is a Hard Rock band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of members, Joey Greco, Lawrence Falcomer, Joseph Cumbo, and Adam Troy. Sonic X music consists of heavy riffs with an edge but also include memorable melodic passages that will keep you coming back for repeated listening. In 2019 the band had a change of direction with Joey Greco taking over lead vocals while original vocalist Adam Troy is on an indefinite hiatus. On November 8th, 2019 Sonic X released their follow up EP titled Fly Around The World a 5 song EP with each song standing on its own merits. A Hard Rock EP with melodic overtones and infectious choruses that will draw you into each song. The Title track, “Fly Around The World” is an emotional journey about the lengths you would go to for that special person you love. The haunting, melodic chorus will stay with you long after listening to it. Thank you to Sonic X for their support of Boston Rock Radio and taking the time to answer our questions.



Sonic X formed in 2004. Can you give me a brief history?

Absolutely, Sonic X technically formed in 2004 however, Lawrence, our guitar player and I (Joseph/Bass) have been playing in a band together for a lot longer than that, basically since our teens.. We were in a popular, award winning Toronto based band called L.A. for quite a while. After a long hiatus, we reformed in 2004 as Sonic X. The members at that time were Lawrence Falcomer on guitar, Michael Marquez on drums, Adam Troy on vocals and me on bass. This lineup released our self titled debut album​ on Z-Records, it contains one of our most popular songs called "News For You." We released our followup CD titled THIRTEEN in 2007 on Chavis Records, the single "Seeds Of Thunder" received a fair amount of airplay and was well received. After the release of THIRTEEN our drummer Michael left and Joey Greco entered the picture to not only play drums but also to engineer and produce our material. The band took another long hiatus and in 2015 we released an EP called Fall From Grace which featured the single "Pray."​ "Pray" did really well for us and received significant airplay, especially on the Sirius/XM station Octane where it was in heavy rotation. Fast forward to 2019, another major change occurred as Adam Troy left the band for personal reasons and Joey Greco has taken over the vocal responsibilities. Joey can be heard singing on our newly released EP, called​ Fly Around The World.​ We've released three singles off the new EP so far, "Leave Me Alone," "Fly Around The World" and the recently released, "My Wonderful Life" which is a timely song about reflecting on life. We've just released a video for "My Wonderful Life" on April, 24th.

Your musical influences range from Led Zeppelin to Foo Fighters and Alter Bridge, to Muse. Can you elaborate on this?

We basically grew up listening to a lot of classic rock and of course the kings of classic rock are Led Zeppelin...personal opinion only...however, we also love listening to new/modern bands. I wouldn't say those four bands are our only influences but from a sound perspective their influence has definitely crept into our way of writing and recording. We try to be as diverse as possible in our writing that's why our influences vary in styles.


Based on those influences, how do you keep the classic rock sound, yet keep it modern?

We love the classic rock bands and songs because there is so much quality in the playing and the lyrics.​ We like to tell stories with our lyrics like the classic bands used to. We try to sound modern by focusing on the arrangements since the way songs are arranged and recorded today versus the past is very different. We keep that classic feel but the way we record and structure our songs gives us a unique sound. Classic with a modern twist I like to call it. 


Your 5-song EP Fly Around The World was released in November of 2019. It’s a fantastic album. Can you tell our readers more about the creation of it and why it deserves a listen?

Thank you for the compliment. It's very much appreciated.​ We changed our writing style with the new EP. The lyrics/vocals and the music are more integrated and blend much better than our past work. The main reason is that Joey Greco has taken over the vocals and has become a key contributor in the writing process. In the past we would write the music then Adam would write the lyrics and melody over the music that was already finished, this limited us in some ways. Our new way of writing has us writing the vocal melody and the music at the same time so the songs seem to evolve more organically and have a more natural feel and flow. The other reason is we pay more attention to the lyrics and try to write material that people can relate to easier. "Leave Me Alone" is about Big Brother and how our every move is being monitored these days.​ "Fly Around The World" is a song about doing anything possible for that person in your life that you love, including flying around the world to find them. Our new single "My Wonderful Life" is a reflective song which is very timely these days with all that's going on in the world.​

How has your music changed from the 2015 EP Fall From Grace to the most recent Fly Around The World with Joey Greco taking over lead vocals?

As you mention, the biggest change of course is Joey Greco taking over from Adam. It's not only a change in the voice of Sonic X but also a big shift in the way we write songs. The new songs on Fly Around the World have a more cohesive feel to them and I feel like our writing has matured quite a bit.​ We focus on the structure, arrangements and the lyrical content a lot more now than in the past. The songs are more relatable on this EP and the response has been overwhelming so far. The other change I would say is in production, we have stepped up our production so this new EP sounds way better than our previous releases. Joey has spent countless hours in the studio making sure the new material is sonically superior to anything we've released previously.​ Overall I would say Fly Around The World appeals to a wider audience.


How has working as an independent band been beneficial to Sonic X? Are you interested in signing with a label at some point?

We would definitely be interested in working with a label but only if the partnership made sense and was good for Sonic X. The way music is delivered these days you don't really need a label, however, we aren't naive to believe a good label wouldn't help propel Sonic X to bigger and better things. If the right opportunity presents itself, we would absolutely look at partnering with the right label. Having said that, operating as an independent definitely has its advantages. We are our own bosses and can police ourselves and our activities. We write what makes us happy and we tend to work at our own pace which is a real benefit to us at this stage.


I know touring is at a standstill at this time with the pandemic, but what are your future goals in that regard?

We would play some live shows if the right opportunity comes along, perhaps in a support act scenario.​ It's very tough to find venues that cater to hard rock music so you have to be strategic in how you approach touring these days. We would have to be smart about it and make sure we have a good plan in place. We would absolutely love to play these songs live, it would be a lot of fun, I would say stay tuned on that.


Anything else you’d like to add in conclusion?

Thank you for the interview Nina, We really appreciate BRR and your support. I hope people will check out our new EP Fly Around The World as well as some of our older material. We know the songs will resonate with people as we write about real life experiences. We get a lot of messages from our fans telling us how our songs touched their lives and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be able to connect with people this way.  Please check out our website to keep up to date on any new developments and follow us on our social media platforms so we can connect with people that want to reach out to the band. Peace and love and please stay safe!!!


Find them on IG and Twitter: @SonicXBand



Sonic X Official Website


Nina joined BRR in December of 2015 after previously owning her own company which did booking, management, and promotion of local bands in her area. She also has freelanced interviewing bands, both local and national, for over 25 years. Nina currently focuses full time on BRR as the Senior Music Journalist and Digital Content Editor. Nina is a very dedicated supporter of music and is a familiar face at many concerts and shows throughout New England and beyond. Contact Nina at

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