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      Articles Home » Music Talk » Cryptic Metal From Central Ohio Interview By Nina McCarthy
      Cryptic Metal From Central Ohio Interview By Nina McCarthy


      Interview By Nina McCarthy

      Boston Rock Radio


      Cryptic is a hard rock/metal band based out of Lancaster, Ohio. I had the honor of sitting down with them at the Muddy Creek Saloon in Heath, Ohio. The central Ohio music scene has a booming metal scene. Get to know Cryptic and check them out for yourself!



      BRR: Can you guys introduce yourselves and what you do in the band?

      I'm Seth Thornton. I'm the vocalist and I write the lyrics for the band.

      Andrew Kimball, drums. I also play guitar for some of the record and help write some of the riffs and things.

      Tyler, I go by Scarecrow also. I play bass. That's pretty much all I do.


      BRR: Bass is my instrument of choice. It's funny because I go to so many shows, and I never really thought about it, but all of a sudden I'm like, wow, I'm really liking the bass.

      Scarecrow: I didn't know until I picked up the instrument, that was the parts of music that I really liked.


      BRR: I'm going to be honest, I didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare, and you guys are new to me, so I have some basic questions get to know and introduce you to our readers. First, we were joking on the way here Ron Butler (who introduced me to the band and arranged this interview) wants to know why you spell cryptic with a C and not a K. He thinks K would be cooler.

      Seth: For one, there is already a rapper who goes by Kryptic and also we like the logo, how it had the two C's going back and forth like and that’s how it kind of stuck.


      BRR: That makes sense. It looks like a bat to me and bats are my one phobia.


      Seth: I almost wore my Batman earrings tonight. I went to school for graphic design for a while and I was thinking about having somebody make the logo for us, and we just never got around to it. I was just sitting up late one night because I have insomnia and I was like, “Fuck it, I'm just gonna do it myself," and I drew it up and I was like, “This is awesome.”  I didn’t even wait like I normally do to show the others new stuff. I'd already shown something to them before that was similar to that but it was a little bit off and I took the notes and the constructive criticism. But this was what I wanted and I just posted it straight on the pages and I knew they were going to love it.

      Andrew: I never looked at it as a bat before but now that you said that,  I’m seeing it.

      Seth: It’s more like a double headed axe.


      BRR: So how did the band get its start?

      Andrew: It started with myself and our member that is not here with us, Kenny or guitar player. Our wives knew each other and they work together and we were having a party and we were hanging out, drinking, getting to know each other and we knew each other played. We just kind of were like, “You want to go jam?” and then we started playing and it had to be two o'clock in the morning before we knew it. We were playing and then we were like, “Why aren’t we in a band?”  It just clicked. And then low and behold, we actually got a hold of Johnny Warner, the sound man here at Muddy Creek. We got a hold of him and he was a good friend from another band and then he got us in with Seth.

      Seth: I’ve know Johnny half my life.

      Andrew: Yeah, you were in two other bands with him. It was actually Johnny that came up with the name Cryptic, which is kind of cool.  We've gone through a couple different members since then, as far as the bassist. We had one dude for a while he's a good friend of ours but we had to part ways with him just based on scheduling issues, and then we auditioned some people and found Crow and it was the missing piece.


      BRR: It's interesting that it began with the wives. I've never heard that before.

      Andrew: Me and Kenny had known of each other but we never really hung out and then both of our wives sold make up together and we ended up hanging out and it went from there.


      BRR: What is the metal scene like in Ohio?

      Andrew: I love the scene, honestly. I mean, just like anywhere, it kind of comes and goes and there’s some drama here and there.

      Seth: We talked about the show that we played at Ruby Tuesday earlier.  At that show we had a black metal band, a thrash metal band, and us. I don't really know what to classify us as. If we were a genre, I guess I’d say nu metal. Definitely a lot of System and Rage, and we even have a Black Sabbath influence.


      BRR: They have shows like that at Ruby Tuesday’s around here?

      Seth: Ruby Tuesday is this bar that has a stage in the campus area by Ohio State University. It’s not the Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant.


      BRR: I was going to say, you’d scare everybody out of there!

      Andrew: Like that video of the kid moshing saying, “Get the fuck up Denny’s!”


      BRR: Do you find other bands in your area support each other by attending shows and so forth?

      Andrew: Absolutely. I know you just spoke to Then Falls The Sky. They are great friends of ours. We love those guys so much. We really linked with them but there are so many other bands. Echoes of War are awesome. We love those guys. 8LB Pressure, The Admiralty... I mean, there's so many great bands out of the central Ohio area. We're all in it together. We're all doing the same thing. There's not really any egos at shows.

      Seth: We all have our own different sounds so I don't feel like we don’t compete with each other because we're not trying to one up the next person in the same genre, the same style. We’re just doing our own thing.


      BRR: How does Cryptic stand out individually?

      Seth: It’s kind of like a melting pot. There are just so many different influences across the central Ohio area that a lot of people bring. There's just so many different bands. I mean there's some black metal, Southern rock kind of bands that have really gained some ground, and even acid rock.


      BRR: You touched on your sound and influences but can you elaborate? Like you said it was really hard to generalize because I even saw it said “funk metal” on your Facebook page and that piqued my interest.

      Seth: We pull from like a lot of things. I know I definitely lyrically will pull from the hip hop orientation but also come from like Rage Against the Machine, Otep Shamaya, System of a Down. Then there’s a couple other songs I have a daily habit kind of thing going on like with AFI and some other ones like Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. We kind of pull from everything.

      Andrew: I draw a lot of inspiration from Black Sabbath and Ozzy. They were my first as far as real rock that I got into.  Pantera has to be another. Vinnie Paul is one of my favorite drummers of all time. I just love his sound. Then I actually went back and got into Bonham with Zeppelin and that's where I think I found my drumming style.  One of my favorite concert experiences of all time was the Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Experience that I got to see at Rock on The Range. I was in the front of the crowd, and you’re always looking for crowd surfers at these festivals, the whole time you’re on the swivel. Then they came on and played Zeppelin like it was supposed to be played and the crowd was in awe.  Nobody was really moving. Everybody was just paying attention to the stage. So yeah, I would say Vinnie Paul, Bonham, and probably Disturbed’s Mike Wengren are probably my three big drummers that drew my style. And then Kenny, I can speak for him because me and him kind of hit it off to this one, are Ozzy and Randy Rhoads.

      Seth:  He’ll tell you Randy Rhoades all day. That's his biggest influence hands down and we can hear it for sure. He’s a shredder.

      Crow: It's really hard for me to pinpoint mine. I listened to music based on my mood so it comes from all over the place. If I had to pick, it would definitely be Type O Negative’s Peter Steele hands down. I would have to say Flea and I’m noticing a little bit of feel for Korn nowadays. I like the old school Korn.  Other than that, I just kind of feel it out.


      BRR: Those are all great influences. Seth, do you write all you own lyrics? And what are your inspirations and themes?

      Seth:  I do a little bit of everything. I have some songs that are based off of political opinions. Not necessarily Republican or Democrat because I lean more towards the Geo-political stand. Shorthand government and politics don’t matter. I’m talking about the world scene.


      BRR:  So more about the world's problems?

      Seth: I talk about that in a lot in a lot of. The new album we’re working on has songs all based on mental health problems that I had and it’s a ways to express myself and get them out there. I pull from a lot. I have personal songs, personal opinion songs, and songs that I’m just a straight up asshole.

      Andrew: I like what he said. That’s where I struggle the most. Just let me bang some notes on the drums.


      BRR: Do you all write your own instrumental parts?

      Seth: It’s really weird. We hang out, get drunk, smoke a little weed and just jam out and we’ll come up with something we like and just build on it.  If we had an idea but didn’t know what to do with it, we try to fit it in there. It’s like Franken-songs.

      Andrew: It’s a weird moment when we are writing and we all kind of look at each other because we feel that we are in the pocket. Then we go onto the next riff. Then it’s like, “Ok, now what do we do?”

      Seth:  Once they get the chorus and the verse structures, at that point I start writing lyrics. I’ll figure the bridge out later. That’s just the part that ties the song over. When I write lyrics, I usually start with the chorus. I feel it’s better to get the feeling or theme of the story before writing the actual story.

      Andrew: I I feel the same way about it. Lyrics are the thing that I have the most trouble with. I'm a little shy in that regard. I have a hard time pouring myself out.


      BRR: When I heard  your music it was heavy, but I could understand the lyrics. I don't like all screaming,

      Seth: I try to be audible with my screams.


      BRR: I like to be able to at least hear some lyrics if it's just screaming it’s not enjoyable to me.

      Seth: When I started practicing, my technique for screaming came from one of my influences and that’s Randy Blythe from Lamb of God. That man is so crystal clear in his screens. You know what he's saying, and I was like, if I'm going to scream, I want people to know what I’m saying.


      BRR: Let’s talk a little about your debut show that was at the Rockout Campout.  I’ve heard some stories already from Then Falls The Sky. But can you tell me a little bit about the event?

      Seth: Yeah, Rockout Campout is an amazing event. We've been a part of the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth year of it. Last July was the sixth year. It is actually put on by Johnny, the soundman here. It started out with his old band, This Divine Tragedy.  It was their debut show as a band and it was really just meant to be a hangout kind of “Hey, we're gonna play in a field. Come see us, man.”  It went into the second year and they had a couple other bands come out and played with them. And then the third year it became a full fledged festival feel and it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

      Andrew: We debuted there in 2016 and then we actually released our debut album this past year, in 2019 because it's a very special show to us. It's the camaraderie and it's a great cause. I mean, we raise food for the local food pantry (Central Ohio Food Bank). There was 4700 pounds of food collected this past year and it just keeps growing and growing and growing. I mean, last year was 1500 pounds we barely broke. The year before that it was like 600. So it has exponentially grown, so we're definitely looking forward to see what we can bring the local community as far as that goes.


      BRR: That’s great! I know you had the release this summer, but do you have anything new? Are you continuously writing for your next album? 

      Seth: Oh yeah. It's kind of funny because the way we write, we have a lot of ideas and we have a lot of songs that are almost done, for the most part, but we have songs for at least the next three projects. We're already 3/5 of the way done with the next record. The next record is going to be a five track EP, and we've got three of those songs done. A fourth one is almost finished, and then the fifth one. The idea is there but we're still working.  We've got a couple other songs that'll go on the third one and then there's another one that I had a really good idea for and I'm like, “This one has to go on the last one” just because it's the goal. With the first four records when we decided how we were going to map it out; I went in there was like I'm going to develop a concept lyrically to span out for all four of them and I'm trying to keep that theme. So when I get a certain idea and it's a good one we keep it but we’re not ready for this one yet.


      BRR:  Wow, most bands don’t plan that far ahead.

      Seth: I have OCD so with me, when I get an idea I have to stick with it. So yeah, we are constantly writing and like we said, we write by feel so we are just constantly jamming and we hang out and spitball ideas at each other.

      Andrew:  Of course we rehearse the songs we’ve already written but, but for the most part, our practices are just a giant jam session.  We might go over the setlist if we have a show coming up but otherwise it’s whatever pops up at that moment.

      Seth: We're just four really true friends that just like hanging out with each other and playing music. That's the way we express ourselves.


      BRR:  It’s been great talking to you. Do you guys have anything else you'd like to add?

      Seth: Yeah, so the, the debut album The Land of Hypocrisy is out now. You can stream it on our YouTube  page and on ReverbNation. You can download it on ReverbNation and SoundCloud. Spotify and Apple Music and all that stuff are coming. I'm working out the logistics. Everything is at: FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


      Rockout Campout 2018 Documentary:




      *Thank you to Adam Sines for the use of his photos.

      Catch Cryptic with hed p.e. February 6, 2020

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