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Articles Home » Music Talk » Disciples of Verity Interview with George Pond By April Lane
Disciples of Verity Interview with George Pond By April Lane

Disciples of Verity

Interview with George Pond

By April Lane, Contributing Writer

Boston Rock Radio


Disciples of Verity is a combination of seasoned and noted band members who have merged and given voice to their first single "Worthy" off their forthcoming album.​

Recently bassist George Pond (formerly of Negative Sky) for DOV explained this sound that brings the talents of Corey Pierce (God Forbid), Corey Glover (Living Colour, Bowie Experience), Mark Monjoy (Sekond Skyn) and Danny Puma (Negative Sky) together is a "new brand of heavy" and this song "Worthy"​ is in essence a realization of one's own self-worth, being judged as it were by social media and the world around us.


BRR: You have all come out of some well-known bands to form this new project Disciples of Verity. First of all, how did this particular project come together?

George Pond: I had been writing some songs with a few friends with no intention of what I was doing with the material. After I was done with a few tracks Corey Glover and I were stuck in California after the NAMM show due to our flights being canceled because of a snowstorm on the east coast. I showed Corey a few tracks and told him I would be honored to have him sing on a track. He came to my place to see what happened and we were both floored by the magic that happened during the first track that we wanted to continue with a full length. I had to know Corey Pierce for a bit know he was a co-producer on a record I did with Negative Sky. Corey Pierce and I had become pretty tight after spending a ton of time together on that record. I really was a fan of both of these guys and I felt we could really make something special and different and in my eyes different is where I wanted to be. I know that sounds a bit cliche but it is really how I felt. Mark and Danny, I had both played with in some of my previous bands. I've known these guys for a while now and I know they are great players and friends, so it was an obvious move because of the comfort in knowing who they are and what they can do.​


BRR:  Seasoned musicians coming together sometimes can be a challenge. Have you found any challenges amongst yourselves in working together? If so, how did you resolve them?

George Pond: I know this is crazy but there haven’t been any differences at all, everyone is super easy going like I said I've known these guys for a bit now either from touring or working together. To be honest, this group right here was established this way for that exact reason, I mean no one wants to be in a band with people who don’t get along. It's sooooooo much less stressful when you all get along and are not only bandmates but friends.


 BRR:  What about the differences you all might find in being a band today and making your music- compared to former groups in the past ten years you worked with?

George Pond: New situations make you look at things differently. You always look at your past to learn from it but we never dwell on the bad things that happen. We just look towards the future and I believe we all see how great it's been working together. Things change, music production and business changed as well. We just try and change with it. You have to adapt to survive in this ever-changing world and that goes for anything you do.​


BRR: Talk to us about your first release "Worthy" and the writing components of how the song came to be.​


George Pond: This song was written by myself and Corey Glover of course Corey Pierce had molded it with his style. As in all of the songs on the record the music is written ahead of time with things to evolve after it is presented to the rest of the band; tweaks, checks and balances are a collective thing.​ As for the vocals, "Worthy" was a Corey Glover brainstorm, basically an outlook of self-worth and asking yourself if you are worthy to the world and the realization that the world judges itself on social media likes hearts and shares.​


BRR:  Why was "Worthy" chosen to be your first release?​

George Pond: Great question for me. Well I tried to take this out of my hands just because I love all the songs on this record and I ​feel that any of them could have been the single. With that being said, we all felt this had great energy and a mindblowing solo performance by Jeff Loomis.​ It’s a great statement about what we are as a band.


BRR: There are so many parts to making a 'new group' from the artwork, videos, studio, producer, mixer, master, even time schedules to bring together. Who would you like to give a shout out to that really helped bring this first release about?​

George Pond: Wow, so many names to throw out there: Michael Smitty Smith, Charlie Berezansky, Greg Antine, Jay Muench, Corey Lowery, Melody Myers, Thom Hazaert, Alan Douches, Allyson Song River, Tom George, Dennis Sanders, INgrooves, Denise Kovalevich, of course, Jeff Loomis.


BRR:  Of course your fans know another song is coming soon. Can you give us any insider info on what is to come?​

George Pond: It's a song called "Lying To Myself" featuring Phil Demmel (Machine Head).​ ​ Awww just wait, the best is yet to come. LIke I said I feel any of these songs could have been the first single. It was VERY hard to choose what song would be the first one that people would hear. We are very excited about or future!

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