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Articles Home » Music Talk » Strength Betrayed Interview With Thomas Smith By April Lane
Strength Betrayed Interview With Thomas Smith By April Lane

Strength Betrayed

Interview With Thomas Smith

By April Lane, Contributing Writer

Boston Rock Radio


With a name and a style of metal that pulls from several influential factors, sounds, and attitudes Strength Betrayed has set their course. They are ready to bring the heavy, high-energy metal rock to the masses!


Introduce us to who Strength Betrayed is.

Thomas Smith: Strength Betrayed is a four-piece band​ made up of Taylor (drummer) Thomas (singer) Jacob (Lead Guitar) and Seth (Bass) like our website says, The name​ "Strength Betrayed" comes from the biblical story of Sampson and serves as a reminder to the band that the strengths that are given to us can betray us if we allow our strengths to go to our heads, consume our lives, destroy the lives of others through inflated egos and self-importance.

The mission of Strength Betrayed is to provide heavy, high energy and meaningful music to those who would listen, to reach out to all people from all walks of life, to provide hope for the hurting and to let them know that they are not alone in their struggles. Each of us has a past. Each of us has been hurt. Each of us makes mistakes. But each of us was made to be more. We are not our struggles. We are  just seeking to provide a different take on the ‘heavy’. Life is more than drugs, sex, and rock and roll and that’s what we hope to focus on.


Describe your sound, how would you tell someone who has never listened to you what your band is about?​

TS: Def along the lines of Breaking Benjamin and Korn with a sprinkle of literally everything we can think of, 80’s hair metal solos to Tool bass lines, we take everything from every genre to make a song sound like us. We don’t try to sound ‘new’, we just want to sound like things we like and that’s good enough for us.


Talk to us about the song that seems to pull from different sources. Who are some of those influences?

TS: I’m glad you caught that “War-Torn” the title track def pulls from many different sources, but if I had to name a few sources, it would be Korn, Breaking Benjamin, and Red. The heavy riffs of Korn are simply unbeatable. The melodies of Breaking Ben are simply unbeatable, and the vocal flection of Red is simply unbeatable. So, if it ain't broke don’t fix it. We like what we like and just hope to combine these sounds to make something special. Also, you’d be surprised at how much we are influenced by pop music! (Wink Face)


How do you keep who you are in the mix of influences? What identifies you as Strength Betrayed?​

TS: I guess we are our combinations of influences. I’m glad you addressed this because so many bands get into copying their influences but not making themselves set apart. The bottom line is, we write songs we like to listen to, no matter what. The best thing is that most fans have a hard time describing our sound, and if that is the case then we have done a great job hiding our influences and have projected our own sound and that’s all cool with me. I’d much rather have compliments along the lines of “your music/voice is so unique" than you sound like A, B or C.


Who did you work with on production and recording?

TS: Making this answer quick. Black Plate Productions in Dunn N.C. Bailey Zindal from Sacramento, California.


What is the local scene like where you perform most often? Do the local bands get together and offer support?

TS: Local bands do offer support but you gotta find your clique because things get competitive quickly. The local scene is okay. Just play good music that makes people stop in their place and play hard from there.


What is something you feel is extraordinary​ about this passion you all share in the music world?

TS: It’s hard to say really. We write music for us. So, if it helps us we write it no matter what. It's not fame even though people singing your songs is truly an amazing experience. This is just the world we chose and the world we suffer through and we take it in stride and with our head up.


Every part of a bands production is important. Do each of you have a particular brand of instrument you prefer for in-studio and you prefer to play live?

TS: We are pretty simple. What we play is what we play. I play a PRS Mike Mushock Baritone. Jacob plays a PRS torero. Seth Plays different Jackson basses and Taylor plays Mapex drums. BUT, we did switch to Fender for some extra twangy heavy riffs so that was fun!


How does War-Torn fit in with the rest of your current project? Which track do you feel is that one you still question..."Was it done?

TS: "War-Torn" is our happy medium. It describes what we are in one song. Listen to our album War-Torn to see how it fits lol. None really, after working with Blackplate producers, the songs that were recorded and stayed on the album are finished, period. A lot of eyes and ears were on it and we are seriously satisfied with the project.


Tour plans coming up? What is the best way to find out more about you and what is coming?

TS: We hope so!! I’m having a daughter so I may have to wait a few months after she is born but we are seriously hoping so! All social media but def Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. We are on Twitter and YouTube if you want to check out our many music videos! We also do Let’s Plays which are so much fun! Check them out too!​

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