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Articles Home » Music Talk » COLD Not Warming Up Anytime Soon! Interview By Nina McCarthy
COLD Not Warming Up Anytime Soon! Interview By Nina McCarthy


Not Warming Up Anytime Soon!

Interview By Nina McCarthy

Boston Rock Radio


Cold is an American rock band, formed in 1986 in Jacksonville, Florida. With two gold-albums, Cold has sold over one million records in the US alone.  Cold currently consists of Scooter Ward (lead vocals), Sam McCandless (drums), Jonny Nova (guitar), Nick Coyle (guitar, backing vocals), and Lindsay Manfredi (bass guitar, backing vocals). We had a fun and emotional interview before their show at The Vault in New Bedford, MA. Check out what they had to say about touring again after an eight year hiatus, why Sam is back on drums, and their new album.


BRR: You’ve just started this Broken Human Tour which is your first tour in 8 years. How is it going so far?

Scooter: It is really awesome. The first night we had a couple little technical difficulties, but with the energy from the crowd and them singing every lyric, and knowing every work, it's really nice.  It captivates us to put on our show.

Sam: It’s awesome. Last night we were at the theater in Stafford (CT) and it was really good. The crowd was singing every word.

Scooter: Stafford is a charming town. It reminds me of 1719 when Washington came to town and there was a Fountain of Youth.

Lindsay: We literally drank the spring water.

Nick: I threw the water away. It started looking cloudier and cloudier.


BRR: Stafford Springs is where Oli from All That Remains, who sadly passed last year, lived.  It is a beautiful little town. I’ve been to the theater there a few times for shows. Are there any places you are looking forward to going back to or new venues you are looking forward to experiencing?

Sam: Texas...Antonio, Houston.  We have Cold Army everywhere. San Antonio is really awesome. I think we’re really just looking forward to get the family back together.


BRR: I know time at home was much needed after 15 years of touring, but what made you decide to record another album and tour again? (The Things We Can’t Stop was released on September 13th via Napalm Records.)


Scooter: I took time off to be with my sister when she was sick again. She had cancer and I was there with her through the whole process. She’s fine now though. After that, Napalm had reached out. I really didn't think I was going to do another record, or do anything with music anymore. They reached out and I kept writing and just doing things. I can't stop writing music. I owned a landscaping company that I was doing commercial properties with and it just wasn't my thing. I wanted to be in music again and they offered a deal to make another record and I had songs.  My kids were happy to have me back in music again so it was nice. My sister was giving me the go ahead, so that was good.

Sam: My son is 7 years old, so it was nice to be home and with him that whole time. Before we were touring so much and I wasn’t home a whole lot.

Scooter: With Raven, she is 24 now, and I have two younger children (16 and 13) and it was really nice to be there with them through all those years.


BRR: That’s great! Your previous albums all seemed to have a theme running throughout, so tell me a little about the underlying theme of The Things We Can’t Stop.

Scooter: The Things We Can’t Stop is exactly that...about the things we can’t stop: bad things, love, blind faith, bullying, and things like that. There is no cure for these types of things. They are inevitable things that are going to happen regardless of whether we want them to or not and it’s just trying to deal with these things.

Sam: I always thought of it as about life and dying.

Scooter: That’s one of them as well. Although we took a break, I don’t think any of us stopped playing music. We all played in bands and did little things, so we can’t stop playing music either.


BRR: That’s a good thing. What are your musical backgrounds?

Lindsay: There’s so many years and bands that never worked out...Neon Love Life and Kaleidostars. I was in my first band when I was 18 (NSA) and then I moved to Florida to start Pretty Machine Gun and that’s when I fell in love with Cold, probably when I was 19 years old. A tour had come through town and Kid Rock was headlining and I was the merch girl for a band and Cold was on that tour and I was a fan immediately. I got to meet the band that night and started following them.

Nick: I was in a band called Lifer back in early 2000s and we did some touring with Cold and we made friends and it’s been almost 20 years now.


BRR: You don’t look old enough to know them that long.

Nick: It’s probably from that Fountain of Youth I drank out of in Stafford Springs. I was older yesterday.

Jonny: It’s quite possible he has Giardiasis now too.

Nick: I was also in a band called The Drama Club and Johnny was in that as well.

Scooter: He’s always been one of my favorite musicians, so when Terry left, I had to get him. It was a little weird for me to ask him to play guitar because he is a singer as well as a musician. We were both excited about being together.

Nick: It’s great to be in Cold. I’ve always loved their music and to be able to make music with them is a great experience. I’m going to get all teary eyed.


BRR: No crying before the show.

Lindsay: We’ve cried at every show this tour.

Scooter: You hear so many stories of how your music has helped people and some things are beyond tragic and it’s hard not to cry.

Sam: I knew I wanted to do this since I was 6. I discovered KISS and I had drumsticks and I knew I wanted to be onstage and I just followed the dream. When we were like 14 or 15, I remember going up to Scooter in school and saying, “Hey, you want to start a band?” Who would have ever thought we’d have gold records and shit. Scooter has always been an amazing songwriter. He had a band called Mad Hatter and we’d go to school parties and he’d be there jamming and writing.

Scooter: I used to go around Sam’s house and listen to him play drums because he used to play in the garage and he was really good.


BRR: Let’s talk a little bit about the first track on the album, “Shine,” which is an anti-bullying anthem. Bullying is certainly something that has gotten out of control with the added help of technology that we have today. I was amazed when I watched the lyric video that it said a child is bullied every 7 seconds. This is the kind of stuff that causes school shootings and suicides, especially with the way people can access us and hide so easily behind computers.

Scooter: So true. Both my teenage daughters were going to new schools and they knew no one there and they were scared about it and it started happening to them. I really felt sad for them for a couple of months. A photographer friend was also telling me about her little daughter going through it too. I was driving around thinking about what would come to me with the song about it and it all kind of connected.


BRR: The first single, “Without You” was released mid July. Can you give me a little insight into the inspiration and writing of that song?

Scooter: That’s really just about blind faith, when you’re in love and ignoring all the signs and having self doubt, “Maybe it will be ok.”

Sam: With that song, Scooter and I were recording everything on a 4 track of different takes and jams that we thought were good. That one always stood out and we knew that one day it was going to be a powerful song.

Scooter: It is weird how some songs don’t make records because we have so much stuff and some just stand out and others just go to the wayside.


BRR: That’s interesting that that song was around for a long time. Now, although your topics are of a serious nature, as your press release stated, this new album “colors it with beauty.” Scooter, I heard you say in another interview that the performance has to come from the heart, or your own emotion. Can you elaborate a little on how you get yourself into that frame of mind? Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Scooter: I think when I walk on the stage, it just happens. I always tell the story of Ross Robinson, when I first went to sing on the first record, and he walks in the booth when I’m in there singing. He asked if I minded if he sat there in the booth and it was weird. He said to me, “Whenever you step up to a microphone in life and sing, people need to feel it and the only way that will work is if you go back to that place that you were when you created the lyrics.” I’ve always thought of that throughout my career when recording a record or everytime I walk up onstage.


BRR: It definitely shows in your performance.

Sam: To go along with that, with playing the drums, I cannot do it 10% because I’m cheating myself as well. I want to be able to beat the hell out of the drums and have all the emotions. But, the release is different with drums. I become mad. I’m a totally different person because I walk onstage happy.

Scooter: As far as the pre-show ritual, I do chicken sacrifices... (laughing)

Lindsay: We sell our souls to the devil.


BRR: What brought you back, Sam?

Sam: It was weird, I contacted Scooter...why don’t you tell it?

Scooter: I just felt lost without Sam being in the band. That’s really what it was. He’s my brother (getting choked up) and I’ve been playing with him forever and I needed the heartbeat of the band to come back.


BRR: That makes sense. Aww, we are having a moment.

Nick: Yeah I felt it. It was the first or second day and they were sitting there talking and I could just see it between them.


BRR: You have a long tour ahead of you, but what are your plans after?

Scooter: This is like a second chance to give back and the fans are doing that to us. If we could spread the Cold further, that would be epic for all of us.

Sam: The Cold Army are our family and we have a lot of people counting on us.

Scooter: We are thinking of starting an Olympic team of some sort and going to the Olympics and winning the gold after this.


BRR: What is your perspective sport? Bobsled team?

Sam: We don’t know yet. We might be going on tour with Breaking Benjamin, but that’s a rumor. We’d like to go to Canada at some point.


BRR: Congrats on the new release. I look forward to sharing it with our listeners. In conclusion, what advice would you have for up and coming bands.

Scooter: The up and coming bands that I have talked to back home or wherever I’m at, always seem to be worried about contracts and publishing and stuff. I say they need to worry about the fucking music for now. I think the best advice for any band is to stay together and form a family bond and that comes out in the music.

Sam : Everyone has to have the same vision. If you’re working with others without the same vision, it’s just not going to work out. Sticking together is the key. Not doing it for money.

Lindsay: 1000% and never stopping. Two things...building dreams, “build it and they will come,” and always work on the music, like LL Cool J said, “Doing it, and doing it, and doing it.” Focus on those things.

Scooter: If you are doing it for the right reasons you can’t give up. If people aren’t doing it for the right reasons and it’s not what they are supposed to do, then they will give up. Worse comes to worst, I’ll be that guy that moves to the Keys and sits there and sings “Margaritaville.” I can’t do anything else. Don’t let me rewire your house.


BRR: I’ll remember that. Well, this has been fun.  I appreciate your time. I look forward to seeing you on stage tonight!


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