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Articles Home » Music Talk » Awake For Days Interview By Nina McCarthy
Awake For Days Interview By Nina McCarthy

Awake For Days

By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


Awake for Days is an Alternative Metal band based in Europe. Active since 2013, the band originally hails from a Metalcore sound that now finds inspiration in groups like Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, and Bring Me The Horizon.

Since 2013, AFD has toured through Italy, UK and Belgium, opened shows for major acts like Testament and Exodus, appeared in radio shows, and has accomplished a successful crowdfunding campaign in order to complete their upcoming album.

I caught up with the guys at The Vault in New Bedford, MA to learn more about them. We had a slight language barrier, but Lukas did well with his English.  I was impressed by the live show and the energy emitting from the stage. Catch them on COLD”s Broken Human Tour 2019 in the US through November.


BRR: Since you're kind of new to probably our whole audience, can you just introduce yourself.

AFD: Lucas. I'm the lead singer. What else? I’m beautiful (laughing)

I'm Nick and I’m the bass player.

I’m Nino and I play guitar.

I’m Mike and I’m the drummer and I don't talk much because my English is sorry balls. I stay in the dark in the back. I understand but talking is the problem.


BRR: That’s ok. As long as you can play, that’s what matters. You must be extremely excited to be direct support for Cold on this tour? How did it come about?

AFD: Yeah, it started in November when our management, Music Gallery International found us. They heard the first single from the new album, Mutliverse and then Shawn Barusch, our manager, wanted to sign and record with us. So, obviously we said “Yes,” and we work together on press and here we are in the United States. Everything's going really well. And TKO came to us with a proposal and we said,  “Yes, Cold’s Broken Human Tour is for us.”


BRR: Great. This is your first time touring in the US, correct?

AFD: Yeah.


BRR: Have any of you been here before?

AFD: No.


BRR: Well, welcome! It's much different than the beautiful island you come from, that’s for sure. You’ve only played a couple dates so far, but what do you think?

AFD: It's been great. We play our songs and people listen to them and they bang their heads.


BRR: I’d really be interested in what you have to say about it after the full tour. Now, I honestly get lost in all the genre classifications these days. You are called “alternative modern metal,” but how would you describe your music to our listeners?

AFD: If I can take an example of modern metal bands like Five Finger Death Punch or Breaking Benjamin, it’s like a mix...and Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory also. A strange mix. You can call it modern metal. In the new album you can hear nu metal and metalcore.


BRR: You mentioned your upcoming sophomore album, Multiverse (Releasing 2020).  Do you have a release date?

AFD: No, not yet.


BRR:  It really touches on heavy subjects such as depression, suicide, but you have the motivational themes too. Can you just tell me a little more about the inspiration? You probably write your lyrics, right Lukas?

AFD: We write all together, but on these motivational themes, and particularly on Multiverse, I bought my personal experience, and especially with new single and video for “Break Your Chains.” (Watch the video HERE.) That comes from my personal experience. It starts when my cousin died from suicide in 2017. I started playing music because of him because he gave me his guitar. He gave me his Gibson to start learning guitar and so I started making music.


BRR: When was this? How long ago?

AFD: Oh, 2006. 13 years ago.


BRR: So you taught yourself to play?

AFD: Yes, and it was strange because my first inspiration of the music as a singer came from Chester Bennington. Two months after my cousin died from suicide, also Chester Bennington passed. Bad moments.


BRR: Oh, that’s sad, but you put it into your music. I think it’s a perfect fit with Cold as far as the messages being similar.

AFD: Yes the Cold Army is the perfect audience for our new message.


BRR: You particularly mentioned “Break Your Chains.” Can you tell me more about that song?

AFD: “Break Your Chains” is aimed at life, when people feel depressed, when you feel closed inside, like a black room inside of you when you can’t find the light. So “Break Your Chains” is about finding the energy inside of you first because it starts from within you. Like relieving a burden off your shoulders.


BRR:  Yeah, so breaking that and then they're free to get help. That makes sense. Now, you come from the island of Sardinia, off the coast of Italy. What is the metal scene, or music scene, like there?

AFD: Well of course there's a metal scene but it's very local. Also in Italy, in general, we suffer because the market is submerged with pop music. People don't ever listen to metal or heavy rock. You can’t hear rock even in the malls like here. That was surprising for us to go into a Walmart and you're listening to Breaking Benjamin here. That's great for us. In Italy, there's no such thing like that.


BRR: That’s interesting. You guys just started this tour, but what are your plans after?

AFD: We hope to see what we experience on this tour and then continue to bring more and more and more.

BRR: Did you write when you're on the road? What is your writing process? You kind of all do your own parts or do you collaborate?

AFD: Yeah, everyone makes his own parts, riffs and so on and then Lukas puts his spell on it and we get with our producer Andy, which is also our sound engineer for this tour. So we collaborate to make it all work together. But we are continually writing.


BRR: Then they'll be another album. That’s great. I appreciate your time you guys. I'll get this interview up and introduce you to our audience and make sure we have the music to play.



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