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      Articles Home » Music Talk » Dark Station Interview with Kyle Ort, Guitarist By Nina McCarthy
      Dark Station Interview with Kyle Ort, Guitarist By Nina McCarthy


      Interview with Kyle Ort, Guitarist

      By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio


      In the spring of 2018, five Southern California musicians came together, leaving their respective projects behind, to form a new band. A band with the ability to seamlessly transition from crushingly heavy riffs to unforgettably haunting melodies and lyrics. Let me introduce you to Dark Station. See what guitarist, Kyle Ort, has to say about the band, the music, and their goals for the future.


      Dark Station is:

      Nathan Spades- Vocals (center)

      Kyle Ort- Guitar (2nd from L)

      David Bruno- Guitar (2nd from R)

      Eric Sinful- Bass (far L)

      Dylan Roy- Drums (far R)


      BRR: First of all, I have to tell you that you guys are all beautiful! That, with your good music, is going to get you far!

      KO: Thank you! I hope so.


      BRR: Dark Station formed just a little over a year ago. Tell me about the five of you coming together.

      KO: Yeah, so the other four guys were actually in a band together. I was playing in another project and none of us were really happy with what we were doing. I was already friends with them. They wrote this song called “Misery” that's actually on the record that will be out in October. I checked it out and I liked it.  I said, “If you guys want to write songs like this, I'm in.” So we got together, we wrote a few songs. One of the first ones we wrote was our song “Heroes,” which is the first single we put out.  Everything just seemed to work out from there.


      BRR: I received the press release that you have signed on to FM Music Management’s roster.  Congrats. I love Shauna. What are your goals with working with them? 

      KO: We are excited to start working with them. The biggest goal right now is probably to get on the road. I would say maybe towards the end of this year or early next year, we're going to start doing some touring. So that’s probably the number one goal right now.


      BRR: With all the bands out there today and easy access to music, what do you think makes your music unique to deserve the attention of listeners?

      KO: Tough question. I would say probably, we are trying to bring back some of that 90’s-2000-influence, stuff I grew up with, instead of being right on the cutting edge with putting all this electronic bullshit in. I would say that's kind of what sets apart from what's really going on. We're a little bit nostalgic, but still still something a little bit different also.


      BRR: I like that about that about the music, kind of having that older school sound. That's true talent nowadays. Like you said,  with all that electronic stuff, it’s not showing the talent of the musician.

      KO: Exactly.


      BRR: Now, your debut album, Down In The Dark, set to release later this year. I know I read that each song is very different, so what can we expect from the album as a whole?

      KO: There's definitely something for everybody on there. We have two singles out right now that really pinpoint what the band is from those two singles, especially when the next one comes out. It's all under the same umbrella, but every song is a little bit different. It's still in the rock world, but there's something for everybody there for sure.


      BRR: With the band and album name, it sounds like your music would be very dark, but in the end what is the message you’d like to spread with your music?

      KO: There's definitely an overlying dark theme to it, for sure, but that's probably a question better for our singer. He writes the lyrics. I just write guitar parts.

      ("It's me having to force myself to admit something I had known all along. As if it was inevitable, that something as pure and as beautiful as a relationship could be extremely toxic when blinded by love. When it becomes clear though, no matter how strong that feeling is, it hits hard and you can finally start to see it all for what it really is," says Nathan Spades (vocals) on what "Obvious" was written about.)


      BRR: I actually, I was going to ask a little bit more about the songs because you have “Obvious” and “Heroes” out. Can you tell me a little bit about filming the video for “Obvious?”

      KO: Yeah, for sure. We kind of took some influence from Perfect Circles’ video called “Judas,” and Nine Inch Nails’ video for “Closer” and we wanted to put those two together and do some lighting from the Nicolas Cage movie, Mandy. We put all that stuff together and that's what we got and I think we really nailed it.


      BRR: I especially love like that you mentioned “Closer.” That's always been a great song and video.

      KO: For sure. Yeah, we put all that stuff together and we got a good video out of it. (The video can be seen here: https://youtu.be/cy6xLeN_kek)


      BRR: Absolutely. Now, tell me a little bit about the "Heroes” video because that one's a little more cinematic.

      KO: Yeah, it's more more theatrical. So that one, we’re all tied up to strings like puppets and the whole band is being auctioned off by a demon auctioneer. Kind of the twist at the end is the singer wins the auction and comes in and burns the whole place down, sets everybody free. So that was that was a lot of fun to make. (Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0nWUuUP0gg)


      BRR: I know you said were in a band and the other four were in a band together. Were they local regional bands?

      KO: Yeah, just local bands, nothing crazy. We hope this project is going to get us nationwide or worldwide.


      BRR: You’re just starting out and it seems like heading down that path. I know that I'm already a fan and I look forward to spreading the word. 

      KO: We’re trying.


      BRR: What are your immediate short term plans now with the upcoming release? Actually, you guys haven't even played your first show live?

      KO: Exactly. I think we're going to start playing around October. That's right around when the record comes out. So we want to start playing around that.


      BRR: Okay. Do you plan on doing big tour after? I know you touched on this already.

      KO: We hope so. Maybe towards the end of the year we’ll start touring, but definitely next year, we’re going to be on the road most of the year.


      BRR: Okay, great. With you just starting out as a new band, what advice would you have for other musicians in your position, trying to get into the mainstream?

      KO: Definitely work hard and bring money. It’s expensive. You have to love it because it’s so much work and there’s not a lot of payoff, especially in the beginning, so you definitely have to keep working and do something a little different to get ahead of everyone else.


      BRR: So true. I hear that from a lot of established musicians, have a backup plan.

      KO: I disagree with that though. If this is what you want to do, then this is what you should do. No need for a backup. Just do it.


      BRR: Well, at least have a source of funding. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to talk to me today and I look forward to hearing the full album when it comes out and I will get it reviewed once we get it. I’ve only heard the two songs so far, so I’m looking forward to that.

      KO: Of course, thanks for having me. We’ll have two more singles coming out before the whole album, so keep your eyes out.


      BRR: I will and I’ll also be looking for tour dates in my area. For now, the released singles can be heard on Boston Rock Radio.


      (Since conducting this interview, the third single, "No Life," has been released. The single, as well as the video, delivers a powerful message of what real life can look like when someone is struggling with their inner demons. Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/YFYT24YXnZA)



      For More Information:

      Official Website



      FM Music Management

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