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      Articles Home » Music Talk » Fight Like Sin Interview With Cody Hughes By Daryn Ostresh
      Fight Like Sin Interview With Cody Hughes By Daryn Ostresh

      Fight Like Sin

      Interview With Cody Hughes

      By Daryn Ostresh for Boston Rock Radio


      Fight Like Sin is an aggressive hard rock band from Lafayette, Indiana that formed in early 2012 bringing you a new, crisp, heavy rock sound that blends an unconventional lower tuning with an occasional harmonized melody in the vein of Chevelle, Breaking Benjamin, and Evans Blue. The band’s first 2 EPs titled Surrender Nothing (2013) and Singularity (2016) have featured tracks on various radio stations in the Midwest and on streaming media sites all around the world. The band is currently supporting their first LP, Identity (2018), which was released late last year.



      BRR: First of all, congratulations on your first LP, Identity. I dig the latest single "Never Surrender" off of it. Tell me how that song came about. Was it something that someone presented to the band and each of you added your own touch to it or did come about more organically while jamming together? 

      CH: Thank you! It was quite a journey putting out a full LP, but we are very proud of the work we put into it. "Never Surrender" actually has some old bones despite being on the latest release. I probably wrote the majority of the guitar parts back in 2013, but we never felt great about certain aspects of the song, so we kept it for live use only. Eventually, the song evolved and we were able to finalize everything in the studio while writing Identity. Now it's one of the most popular tracks on the album, which is awesome considering it almost never saw the light of day. We're really happy how it turned out!


      BRR: You have made some pretty cool and high-quality videos for some of your other releases. Any plans on a video for "Never Surrender" or any other upcoming release? 

      CH: At this time, we don't have any plans to do a video for "Never Surrender" or anything from the Identity record. We are instead focusing all of our resources on new music and merch for Fall/Winter 2019.


      BRR: The band’s name, Fight Like Sin, is interesting. How did that name come about and is there any significance or back story to it that the fans may not know about?

      CH: When we first formed, we knew we had to take on a name that was a little different to avoid becoming lost in the shuffle. One day, I was watching a popular television show that involved hunting alligators and this is where I would hear a phrase that would inspire the name of our band. After a long struggle with swamp monster, one of the guys on the show said, "My gosh, that boy's got fight like sin!" I had never heard that phrase before and I liked the idea of a name that spoke to having a relentless determination to fight 'til the end. So there you go...never know where you will find inspiration, right?


      BRR: You guys have been at it for a long time and I’m sure you have a million stories. Tell us about your favorite Fight Like Sin “Spinal Tap moment."

      CH: Spinal Tap moments? We played a show in Chicago once where there was a giant pole dead center in front of the stage. This was super awkward for me since I can't usually move around the stage and I was basically singing and playing to this pole the entire night. The pictures from that show were pretty funny - you just saw my arm/leg sticking out from behind the pole in some shots. It wasn't quite "Stonehenge" but it is something that sticks out in my mind!


      BRR: I understand that you are working on an acoustic album. Tell me more about that. 

      CH: Yeah we are doing an acoustic EP which we are really excited about. It's a re-imagination of some fan-favorite songs over the years. A lot of these songs start off on an acoustic guitar while being written and then eventually goes on to get a lot of layers and production added to it. This allows us to strip everything back and let the simple stuff shine. You really get to the heart of the songs in that format.​


      BRR: You guys have a sound that is on the heavy side and usually use a lower tuning. Does that make translating the songs into an acoustic version tricky?​

      CH: Surprisingly, my acoustic held the tuning really well! Luckily, there wasn't a need to adjust the way we wanted the acoustic parts played and we recorded everything in our normal tuning (Drop A#).


      BRR: And lastly, I see that you have a big show coming up on November 5 at Lafayette Theater. I’m sure you’re looking forward to it. Tell the fans why they don’t want to miss it and where they can get their tix.

      CH: Our buddies in the band Islander are coming through our hometown on their Fall Tour and we are beyond excited to get to open the show! Fans should definitely make it out to this one because the lineup is literally gonna light your face on fire (metaphorically). Take your vitamins, say your prayers and come out to the show! Tickets available on​ Eventbrite​ now!


      Check out the artist's pages!





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