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      Articles Home » Music Reviews » Killswitch Engage 'Atonement' Album Review By Allyson Kingsley
      Killswitch Engage 'Atonement' Album Review By Allyson Kingsley

      Killswitch Engage


      Metal Blade Records

      Release Date: August 16, 2019

      Album Review By Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio 

      Killswitch Engage is:

      Adam Dutkiewicz: guitar, production

      Joel Stroetzel: guitar

      Mike D’Antonio: bass

      Justin Foley: drums

      Jesse Leach: vocals


      You probably cannot venture too far without hearing of Killswitch Engage. I have watched their growth and changes over the years to become the masterful, yet humble musicians they are today. The band, based out of western Massachusetts, prove that hard work, extensive touring and being good to your fanbase are the keys to success in the ever challenging and changing music industry. Their 8th album and first one signed with Metal Blade, Atonement, comes out August 16th and it is just simply overflowing with heaviness and hits home with the emotional content. 

      If ever there is a bond in the metalhead community it is that we live this life together, through the fun times and we lift each other up through the worst of times. In my years of listening to the music of Killswitch Engage they have never failed to hit me in the heart with their lyrics, and their passion and energy on stage is so incredible. Offstage, you will find the various members mingling with the crowd. And that defines the humanity of heavy metal. 

      I feel that Atonement marches in a heavier direction than 2016's IncarnateEach musician has single-handedly and as a group created a richer deeper sound that explores multiple aspects of metal. 

      "Unleashed" defines a feeling many of us share of being so pent up that you wish to scream "unleash me!" Well, I am telling you that the next time you feel so fucking overwhelmed, go for a drive and crank this up and sing (scream) along.

      "The Signal Fire" features guest vocals of Howard Jones (Light the Torch and formerally KsE)and to me it is a song that further enhances and embraces the love of the metal community with an underlying theme that all of this works only if we stand together.

      "The Crownless King" has Testament's Chuck Billy featured on its growling vocals that adds power to a song that sings of a "war we cannot win." Such is the state of the volatile political climate of not only the USA but also in every part of the world. A world run by Tyrants calling themselves "King." If only we could unite and wake up.

      With Leach recently being more open and advocatiing about the topic of mental illness, especially his own personal demons, "I Am Broken Too" hits all too close to home for so many of us as it speaks of the harrowing torture of living with depression and just know you are not alone. I always beg anyone, whether I know them or not, please reach out. I know firsthand what it is like to lose someone to the demons of depression. Pick each other up, my friends.

      "Ravenous" is blisteringly heavy and bursts with pure fucking fuel and fire. See you in the pit with this one.

      "Bite the Hand That Feeds" feels different than the others and is certainly the perfect closing song. It is brutally savage and you get numerous different elements mixed into one song: death, thrash, even a touch of black metal riffing. Truly the lyrics are deep…"What would you die for, what would you, what would you kill for." It made me think of how we live in such a fucked up world where we bash each other over nothing. 

      Atonement is deep and visceral. You will feel this one. Make sure to pick this album up this week!



      Official KsE Website

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