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      (Hed) P.E. 'Stampede' Review By Anthony Nicastro

      (Hed) P.E.


      Released: June 21, 2019

      Pavement Entertainment

      Review By Anthony Nicastro

      Boston Rock Radio

      No introduction needed. (Hed P.E. incorporates sonic blends of heavy metal, rock, blues and rap, with heavily political themes searing their lyrics, though they are often self encouraging and pushing people to use their own minds for the greater good. Stampede is the follow-up to the highly successful 2016 Forever album.

      No Apologies

      Wasting no time blending genres, this track starts off with a R&B verse before really kicking in with the guitar heavy chorus. The defining line in the song, "I can't apologize for this homicide," is quite brilliant before leaving off with, "Don't take it personal.”

      Can I Rock

      This song has an anthem driven chorus addressing the listener with, "Can I Rock" and paying homage to artists such as Rio James Dio and Nine Inch Nails.


      This song shows off another heavy driven chorus and chanting, "You're playing with fire.”  This song is the first to introduce a keyboard that serves as an undertone, which gives the song more depth and a nice touch.

      Boss Up

      The technical side of the album continues on this song, as there is a ring melody line throughout the song that is quite catchy and is a nice accompaniment to the ringing chorus of chanting the track title, "Boss Up.”  The end of the track serves as a PSA of letting the listener know that each and everyone of us has the ability to become rich and successful.

      Why Not Me

      Easily the standout track on the album and the most guitar driven and technical from a guitar standpoint.  The inter-verse guitar solos are quite remarkable and I would love to hear more of them.  I do like the sound bytes that come at the end of the songs and offer encouraging words of wisdom, and this song is no different.  "Everything starts with an idea.”  If you can dream it, you can make it become a reality. Very true.


      This is the most R&B based song on the album.  Very smooth and heavy bass will keep the listener's attention.  To paraphrase, "What you decide now determines how your life will go," which is a very solid piece of advice to offer people of any and all ages.


      This song touches (yes, pun intended) back to sonic and structure theme of the album with an R&B verse with a heavier chorus.  This track has a backing melody line which easily gets stuck in the head of the listener.  


      Coming in quick with the line, after a very nice clean intro,  "Murder with no remorse"; this song feels as if this is in the first person view of one trying  determine if he is the hunter or the hunted, though strives for something as indicated that "If I play, I play to win".

      Die Another Day

      Continuing their trend of having radio / television intros, this track comes in with spoken words of, " The minute you were born, you got involved in the war between good and evil .”  Such a powerful statement and one that most can relate to.  Very heavy chorus.  Seemingly, out of nowhere, a fusion of jazz and blues enters to end the song.  This gives a new depth and dynamic to not only the track, but the album as a whole.

      Time of My Life

      Closing track, this song brings the image of a man walking down a dusty road along towards inevitability. Fittingly, the song ends with words of wisdom that optimistically range that while people have problems, they focus on how to solve them and the only thing that can take you through life is one's own mind and in itself is a miracle.

      In conclusion, I did thoroughly enjoy this album.  Heavy at times, clean at others. I can't wait to see what their follow effort brings, whether it stay on course of the heavy chorus or bring in more guitar solos, and hope that they don't lose their knack for the endings that offer words of encouragement. Solid effort.

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