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      MÖTLEY CRÜE’S 'T... 43041
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      *Cory Wells To Tour ... 6895
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      Interview With Lonely Dakota By April Lane

      Interview with Lonely Dakota

      By April Lane, Contributing Writer

      Boston Rock Radio


      Coming out of the UK, Lonely Dakota has been called the British side of Blacktop Mojo. They recently released their single "Days End" which is their title track from their new album released June 28th. Lonely Dakota mixes a blend of hard riffs with strong southern rock influences to produce emotional hard rock tracks.



      April Lane: Who is Lonely Dakota and how did you all come together to form LD? 

      PJ: We're a four-piece rock band from Southern England. Our sound is often likened to Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, and Seether. The band was started by me, as the guitarist, and I found Von Dee through an internet advert for a frontman. We've been through a fair few members finding the right balance, but Von Dee and I have been there for the whole ride. Tez was found through the​ internet and​ Sepala is a drummer I have worked with in the past and he's always my go-to guy. Nobody plays drums​ like Sepala does.


      ​April Lane: Listening to the music coming out of the UK today, where does Lonely Dakota fit in? How did the Southern Rock feel come about? 

      ​PJ: It's a funny one, we don't fit in per sae.​ All of the music on our local​ scene seems to be indie or pop-rock. This​ always comes back to haunt us, and we've usually got to drill it into promoters​ that we're quite heavy in comparison. Being on a mismatched bill is what we have gotten used to!​ On the other end of the scale, we've played with bands like Power Quest a couple of times who are power metal - we​ don't fit in there either!​ The only time we've played to a​ crowd who really got us was when we supported SOiL! The​ southern rock thing came about​ because we always got told after shows, “Hey you guys sound like Black Stone​ Cherry!” Our single “Dead Stories” does have a​ country-rock vibe about it, and we've just gone with it since


      April Lane: Would you consider this song "End of Days" to be a harder style of rock?

      ​PJ: That’s the heaviest song​ in the set I’d say. That’s about as heavy as we get - no​ matter what we try, we never sound metal! We do have heavier​ songs, but the UK market is quite a niche, once you cross over into really heavy it becomes harder to get people along to shows. Keeping that balance is important.


      ​April Lane: Your EP came out on the 28th, what can you tell us about it?

      VonDee:​ Our new EP really is the end of years of hard work. It’s taken a long time for us to get to a point where we are happy completing the songs and releasing them to the world because once that song is recorded you can’t really make a change to it. It’s not the same as a song that you only play live that might change in length or have the lyrics changed over and over. Once it’s recorded that’s it. I think listeners will find a little something for everyone, at least if you like rock music. We have some heavy, driven tracks, like “End of Days,” but we also have softer and more ballad-like tracks with huge choruses you can sing along to, like “Medication” and “Victoria.” We also have a dual vocal track, “Overdrive,” which is something the fans always love but bands in the Southern/Heavy rock scene just aren’t doing and will become a feature of ours in future releases.


      ​April Lane: Who did you work with on production and recording?

      PJ: We're lucky enough to have a world-class studio in our town. We recorded the EP at The Ranch Production House, who have worked with bands like Creeper, Funeral for a Friend, etc. Kurt Fagan produced the EP - he's our go-to guy now. He also produced Dead Stories (Released November 2018) too. It was mixed and mastered by Kurt Fagan and Neil Kennedy


      ​April Lane: What is the local scene like where you perform most often? Do the local bands get together and offer support?

      ​PJ: The local scene is struggling and venues are closing all over the place. It's becoming harder for all the bands as the promoters need to see good numbers in order to make the shows work. We tend to play fewer shows and really push them to make it work for the venues, the promoters, and us. We tend to do local shows between the south coast of the UK and London. It does seem that people’s inclination to go to gigs isn't what it was - this is a hard business in 2019! Saying that, we're lucky to have a few fans who follow us wherever we play!​


      ​April Lane: How often do you perform?

      PJ: We have had to adopt a quality over quantity ethos to make the gigs work. We might play in our home town once every few months, but in between that we'll go wherever we can. It's festival season here and we have a couple of festival shows this summer. We've started to push London shows now and we have a few of those this summer as well.​


      April Lane: What so far has been your favorite part of your musical journey and where are wanting to head next?

      PJ: For me, it was our show supporting SOiL. Saliva was booked to play but had to drop off the tour - so we replaced them for the Southampton show. This was the biggest crowd any of us had played to at this point and it was pretty much sink or swim. We nailed it though, and it was the best we'd ever played. I'm hoping for more shows like that. I’m talking to you Chris Robertson! We're here when you wants us…



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