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      Articles Home » Music Talk » Another Day Dawns Interview with Dakota Sean By Nina McCarthy
      Another Day Dawns Interview with Dakota Sean By Nina McCarthy

      Another Day Dawns

      Interview with Dakota Sean

      By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio



      Another Day Dawns is a high-energy hard rock band out of Lehighton, Pennsylvania consisting of Dakota Sean (vocals), Tyler Ritter (guitar), Livi Dillon (bass), and Nick McGeehan (drums). I caught up with vocalist, Dakota, at Wally's in Hampton, NH to discuss their rising fame and A Different Life.


      BRR: Let’s begin with an introduction.

      I’m Dakota Sean, the lead vocalist of Another Day Dawns. We’ve been a band now since about 2011-2012. We started off playing covers. It wasn’t until the last two or three years that we looked at each other and said, “Let’s try doing this for real. I want to get out of the bar scene.”  Long story short, we ended up in a Battle of the Bands contest back in PA and we made it through to the top five and got flown out to L.A., out of couple thousand bands involved, so it was pretty cool. We didn’t expect anything out of it. The judges loved us out there. It was Desmond Child, who wrote for KISS and Bon Jovi, a really big guy out there, and the singer from BUSH, Gavin, and couple other heavy hitters out there. We didn’t win, unfortunately, but right after that we started working with Desmond Child. We signed with him and wrote a couple big hits that we will be putting out. Then we got hooked up with our manager John Phillips (Breaking Benjamin, Snoop Dog, and some other big names) and he’s taken us under his wing and has been taking care of us.


      BRR: I know there is often controversy about Battle of the Bands type events, saying they are fixed or you have to pay to play in them and people don’t think they’ll get anywhere from them. However, that wasn't the case for A.D.A.

      We were shocked because I think one of the dads just threw our name online and entered us and we saw there were thousands of bands and thought we’d get overlooked. We were surprised when we got a call from our local radio station. They hit us up and said we were in the top 5 and they flew up to L.A. We had a great time.


      BRR: What is your personal musical background?

      I used to always sing with my dad here and there. He’d take me out to solo shows when I was a kid and I’d join him on guitar for one song. At 12 or 13, I wanted to join my own band, then I met these guys. They are a little younger than me, so they were 11 and 12 and we were playing. It just clicked and we did all covers.


      BRR: The band seemed to rise really fast, especially after you joined.

      They were messing around and weren’t really serious. Once I joined, we started playing more originals and started clicking. We started writing, but it was a bunch of 13 year olds writing a song, so it wasn’t the best.


      BRR: What do you think you did different to get noticed?

      I think definitely our stage show, and that’s what our manager John Phillips says to this day. He had never heard of us and once he saw our names and saw us onstage, this little 4x4 stage, and we were up there headbanging and getting the crowd going. We impressed him and the singer from Motionless In White, and they are both big fans of ours.


      BRR: That’s how I became a fan of Joyous Wolf. I actually saw them here at Wally’s and the stage presence blew me away.

      We try to make it fun for everyone, especially up here. We were originally up here with Avatar a couple years ago so we have some fans up here that will be coming out.


      BRR: A Different Life was released in February, 2019. What kind of feedback did you get from that?

      Our Spotify reached up to a couple thousand, which is crazy. We have a brand new video out that we did out in L.A. for “Psycho” and that has almost 15,000 views within three months, so that’s pretty cool too. It’s hard to stand out in PA but like John said, “Just be different and keep doing what you are doing.”


      BRR: Exactly. I love how hard rock is coming back. Everything has been saturated with metal for the last several years, and I personally like the hard rock, so it’s good to see all these bands coming back again. You mentioned “Psycho.” Did you write that song yourself?

      I did. I came to the guys and said I had a melody in my head and it had kind of a Stone Temple Pilots vibe to it with the guitar riffs. They added their flare and made it ten times better, which always happens. I did write the lyrics for it, but they get the rest of the credit for what it is today. There’s not too much behind the lyrics. It’s pretty much a love/hate relationship that goes back and forth, blow for blow. We’ll play that song and everybody starts bobbing their head to it, that’s how we know it’s a good one.


      BRR: How was filming the video for it? (Watch the video HERE.)

      It was a lot of fun. We did it out in L.A. with Brian Cox who is now with Bring Me The Horizon on tour. The reaction has been great and everyone is loving it.


      BRR: You said it was the live show that got you noticed. How would you describe your live performance?

      Definitely energetic. We try to get everyone involved with it. We just have fun. Nothing is choreographed or pre-determined, so we just go out and do whatever.


      BRR: If you’re not having fun, then it’s time to go home.  I haven’t seen you live so I am really excited for that tonight. (I certainly did enjoy the show, despite the crowd being packed in like sardines.)  


      For more info and tour dates follow ADA:

      Official Website


      All photos below are courtesy of Dominique Wheelock, Trixie’sTripod. 


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