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      Articles Home » Music Talk » Satan Takes A Holiday Interview with Stefan Lagergren By Nina McCarthy
      Satan Takes A Holiday Interview with Stefan Lagergren By Nina McCarthy

      Satan Takes A Holiday

      Interview with Stefan Lagergren

      By Nina McCarthy, Sr. Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio


      “Addictive, straightforward, tough, ironic and dead serious...all at once. Satan Takes A Holiday grabs you by the neck and doesn't let go until you shake ‘til you're barely breathing. With their mix of rock’n'roll, 60’s garage and 70’s groove as well as a clear love for the darker sides of modern pop, Satan Takes A Holiday will make you move, and then move some more.​

      Playing shows and touring with the likes of Kiss, the Sonics, Mustasch, Juliette Lewis, Backyard Babies, and Imperial State Electric, Satan Takes A Holiday is now firmly held as one of the best live bands in Sweden and a fixture at festivals and venues around Europe.”--Quoted from STAH bio



      BRR: Thanks for taking the time to give me a call. Now, in April, you guys just released your fifth album, A New Sensation. Tell me a little bit about the name of the album and how the name and the title track is fitting for this particular album.

      SL: We always try to do at least a vague overall theme for the album. This one, we decided was going to be about change, whether it is change that needs to happen within oneself or like a more revolutionary sense that we need a change in leadership or something. So it's actually a mix of songs that we tie into that theme, but they can really be about anything. That title song is about a relationship that needs to come to an end and basically, I'll take anything but the situation that we have right now; I need something new, a new sensation in my life. That was the name of the title song and we really like that, and we thought it fit together with the overall theme, so we named the album that.


      BRR: Nice, that makes sense and we can all relate to that relationship that we need to get away from. The second single that was released, “Unicorn,” is probably my favorite song on the album. Can you tell me a little bit about the writing of that particular song?

      SL: When it comes to the lyrical part, it's kind of a rant on the young people today. Since I'm approaching middle age, it's fitting for me to start ranting about the young people, kind of the “unicorn generation,” some call it and I like that name for it. Some people think they're the center of the universe and everything is about them and they want and need everything served to them without any effort. So that's what the song is about and I'm kind of having fun tracking the person through the song. At first, they're 17, and at 25 they start to realize that maybe the world doesn't work the way they thought. By the end of the song, it's a harsh lesson on life, kind of a wake up call for young people. It's a song that we wrote pretty early on when making the album and we knew quite early that it was going to be somewhat of a center piece. So it's a song about life, I think. It was also the second single and we recently had a video made for it and the animator made a real fun take on the song with puppetry, and I'm really happy with it.


      BRR: You kind of talked about these serious themes, but you incorporate humor in the lyrics. What made you decide to do that?

      SL: I think we started out way more leaning towards the humorous side, or the tongue in cheek way of approaching things, and already on the second album, I kind of felt like I wanted to write about real stuff, real issues for me or real experiences. The first album might have been plagued by a lot of cliches, but fun cliches. But you can only do that for so long, I think I needed to have songs come from a more real place. Actually, the forum in which we operate, with a humorous take on reality, I think it's a pretty healthy way to tackle any thoughts and discussions you might have. So I have a lot of songs about anxiety. I have had a history of that myself and I think it's an easy way for me to approach it, with humor. I think nobody would want to hear a rock and roll record where I get really depressing all the time. I think it's a fun way for me to write and to express myself and I think it strikes a chord with people as well. I can see that in our audience. Maybe people come to the shows to dance and have fun, but I have had several meetings with fans that have read the lyrics and understood what I wanted to get to and it's a fantastic thing to strike a chord with people just the way you hope you would.


      BRR: Absolutely. When they really relate to what you're trying to say.

      SL: Exactly. Thank you.


      BRR: Have you guys toured at all in the United States?

      SL: We haven't. We would love to. There's no immediate plans, but there's dreams. I would go that far and we've had a pretty good connection with the States and we have songs in TV shows, so I think it's just a matter of time.


      BRR: Absolutely. By listening to music and seeing the pictures, obviously you guys are a band that has a very lively live performance. It sounds like you're definitely a band that should be seen live. How would you describe the live performance to others?

      SL: There's a million rock bands out there and I of course can’t undermine any of them. It's always been dead serious to us. It's the most important moment, our one hour on stage every night. If we don't do our damnedest to try to make it a really special evening for the audience, the ticket holders that pay their hard earned cash to see us, it would be a crime against everything we stand for. We can't do a half -assed job. Of course, like any band touring band, we've had times where we show up to a new city and country we've never been, and there's like 15 tickets sold and the venue takes 500 people. We never cancel the show. I'm not saying this happens all the time, but when it happens, often there's your chance to give those people an extraordinary experience. I know I've been to a few shows like that myself and if the men and women on stage are giving it all despite the number of people in the crowd, that feels like a special moment.


      BRR: Absolutely and you may gain some of your biggest fans from that smaller group.

      SL: Exactly.


      BRR: I have a friend that often says, “Whether there's 1 or 1000 people in front of me you're going to get my best!” That's exactly how it should be on stage. So what's next for you guys? Are you planning on writing your next album, or just kind of trying to promote this one first and get the word out?

      SL: Yeah, it's kind of an on and off switch for us with the writing process and we're not quite there yet. We have shows this Summer and we're planning a European and Nordic tour throughout the Fall. We will be doing that and the next creative endeavor will happen early next year, I think, depending how long the touring is going to happen. So far, I know there's shows way into December at least. So, we’re focusing on the important stuff right now, and that's performing on stage.


      BRR: Well, congratulations on this release. I really enjoyed it. Another writer on my team did a review of the album. I certainly hope you guys do get over here to the United States at some point. It would be great to see you live.

      SL: Yeah, I hope so too.


      BRR: Keep doing what you're doing.

      SL: Thank you. I hope to meet you someday.


      BRR: Yes, absolutely. And again, thanks for your time and like I said, I'll be watching, so hopefully, I'll see some dates over in the US.

      SL: Nice. Thank you so much.


      For more information: www.satantakesaholiday.com

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