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Articles Home » Music Reviews » Gates To The Morning 'Return To Earth' Album Review by Allyson Kingsley
Gates To The Morning 'Return To Earth' Album Review by Allyson Kingsley

Gates To The Morning

Return To Earth

July 19, 2019


Album Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


This review will be a little different.  I won't get into an introduction of Gates to the Morning, nor the background story. That can be found on their Facebook page. I'm going to fully delve into this album as I find it to be a masterpiece. 

After a beautiful moving instrumental intro, "King Obscure," Gates to the Morning starts off with all the post-blackness your poor heart can contain with "Terra Incognita." "Surveying Forgotten Landscapes" and "My Star" sticks to serenity simmering into an explosion of style with a more post-black sheen. Truly beautiful pieces. When you get into the meat of "Crossing the Abyss" it sounds as though black metal and classic rock were thrown into a blender giving quite the unusual enjoyable sound and flow. "Chapel Perilous" is simply stunning and elegant; my imagination conjures up being in a cold old world European cathedral that has seen finer days but remains a place of reflection. After this peaceful track you coast headlong into phenomenal black metal riffing in "Crestfallen" with classic bestial beseeching vocals and yet there is an almost symphonic edge to this. Add the female vocals midway and this becomes art.

"Haunting the Third Chamber" seems to serve as the instrumental intro for "Chasing Shadows" which seems to invite a chaos into what we had been hearing and the tail end is very reminiscent of Iron Maiden. Moving on to "Two Winters" we have a peppy beginning that rides you along into smooth icy grooves that could lull you into a trance. If you think of the blizzards of winter they start off with a bang and then seem to hypnotize with its soft blanket of white. 

"Steadfast" is a strong number that focuses on the fretwork and transported me to a time when I would see videos of Yngwie or Vai. That feeling that is indescribable except to liken it to sorcery. "Rekindled" is almost an energy boost, an enjoyable ride on a cool summer eve with the windows down. The burst midway gives it a slightly dark edge and maybe a hint of psychedelia thrown in for spice. I'm guessing the outro "Return to Earth" is meant to ground the listener as it soothes with elegant female vocals. It's a rather cheerful number leaving me with a smile. 

No track here is worth skipping, as even the final two offer a pleasant reprieve after the more doom and dire cuts earlier in the album. If nothing else, the wonderfully somber verses rockin guitars, skilled mix of clean and harsh vocals, and the ascent from gloom and darkness to light and an open doorway are enough to keep this in my rotation.






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