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      Summoner's Circle 'Become None' Review by Allyson Kingsley

      Summoner's Circle

      Become None

      Pavement Entertainment

      Release: May 17,  2019

      Review by Allyson Kingsley, Music Journalist

      Boston Rock Radio


      Summoner's Circle is a six-piece theatrical metal band that blends elements of doom, death, black and progressive metal into what they refer to as simply epic metal," begins the description of the promotional package. This description does not do the reality much justice but it is indeed “epic.” Become None is everything that I love about metal.

      “Ex Terra” begins the album with unusual chanting set in what sounds like the woods perhaps with a body of water flowing in the background. You are then thrust headlong into “Worm Tunnel” with its rampaging rhythm and black/death metal influences that I heard on the vocals. We continue with the tale of the creature in “Minotaur” and certainly one would not stand a chance with him. I like the slowed down touch added about 4 and ½ minutes into the song. It has a definite Cradle of Filth type effect. “Legion” is nearly 12 minutes in length and I thoroughly loved it. It's a story within the story and showcases the mix of doom and prog elements. Phenomenal fretwork by both Gog and Absalon. 

      “Become None” is a high point whereby you can hear their theatricality shine. It almost has a haunted circus vibe to it. “In Ut Ambustio” is the perfect synth intermission that leads you into the claws and maelstrom of “Balrog General.” It has a doom meets Dying Fetus air about it. I can't help but immerse myself in the imagery it creates in my cranium and Frix2, I must say you are quite the kvlt drummer. We get a nod to Black Sabbath in the opening riffs of “Overseer of the Infernal Construct” and the imagery I get from this song would make Dante's Inferno seem like Sesame Street. I could picture a searing image of hell, creatures of every imaginable horror twisting and cavorting with each other, scrambling to drag you into its depths. Which brings us to the “Temple of Suffering” of which the majority of normal folks would dare not enter. Then again, it could very well be a place where most choose to dwell…a place of stress, despair, living in your own shit basically. Massive interplay of rhythm felt here with bassist Y'tact and drummer Frix2.

      Finally the journey is complete with “Further Into Dis.” Blind's vocals especially roar in this one as though he were beseeching every unholy creature into form. I could picture a dark battlefield littered with every known demonic being marching to hunt down the unwary humans.

      I fucking love an album that stirs such clear imagery within me. Summoner's Circle have truly created a masterpiece of which Lovecraft would have been impressed with. Impeccable metal.



      Pavement Entertainment

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      The Lore



      “Become None”

      “Worm Tunnel”

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