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Hot Suede 'Hot Suede' By MJ Stevenson

Hot Suede

Hot Suede 

May 18, 2019

By MJ Stevenson, Contributing Journalist

Boston Rock Radio


Have you ever just left your TV on and just let it do it’s thing? Then you wake up from a nap and the lotto is on and those dam balls are flying all over the place in that cage thing. Whose idea was that anyway? Like settle down in there. Then that nice person hits a button and a random ball flies up, settles in and then sooner or later all your numbers are staring at you. (Okay well maybe it’s more my own fantasy but I digress.)

Those balls in that machine are like Hot Suede’s new debut album slated to release May 18th. A little chaos and stylish ADD with blissful results. One moment you think this might sound like some light southern rock, then it’s over to 80s style grungy metal and poof your hit with some 70s tambourine and whow-whows. This band effectively takes you through micro styles while keeping it real with a classic rock n’ roll base. 

These five Kansas City mates have put together a 13 track showpiece that cashes in on the entire bands power and skill. There are tracks like “Interlude” and “Good Maroon” that are vocaless and show the melodious riffing of guitarists Doug Nelson and Scott Reed. I find “Good Maroon” to be beautifully dark but a good end to the album. Alternatively “Roll a Bone,” the first track on the album, is a catchy and strangely upbeat and a perfect beginning.

The chaotic unity throughout the album is what really shows the art and skill of the quintet. Songs like “The Otherside” and ”Occasional Lover” showcase Bobby W. Topaz’s low, bellowy wail and fits the overall style of the album. There were multiple times I could swear he might be Chris Cornell incarnate. Though Bobby’s sound changes a little with songs like “Watch Me Burn” so that he carries a tad bit of Axl Rose’s higher pitch belting. Finishing out the talented quintet, you will find that “Got it Made” proves the powerful authority both drummer, Brett Southard, and bassist, Chad Toney, have with an aggressive and bouncy beat.

Sometimes you run into bands that are mediocre and you get a medium response from both journalists and music fans. The uniqueness of Hot Suede’s sound does not allow either of those parties to just drone out through the lotto winning session like they never bought a ticket. They challenge the listener to question what they hear while also doling out blissful moments.

They get a solid 10 from me. Go check them out. You will not be disappointed!



Roll A Bone

The Otherside

Forget About You

Get What You Came For

Watch Me Burn

Make it Harder

Got It Made


Tell Me

Occasional Lover

The Trail

Good Maroon


Hot Suede are:

Bobby W. Topaz - Vocals

Doug Nelson - Guitar

Scott Reed - Guitar

Brett Southard - Drums

Chad Toney - Bass


Check them out at:




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